5 Mental Health Practices Worth Continuing Post-Pandemic

Two years back, none of us knew what awaited us in the future as a global community. While the pandemic hit us straight in the face, it also helped us redefine our personal preferences on a whole new level. 

We’ve probably never prioritized our mental health as much as we did during COVID-19. With people going into self-quarantine and trying to acclimate to the lockdown regime, the “new normal” disrupted our old routines, transforming our lives completely. 

But amidst all the chaos, we were also able to find some semblance of normalcy, cherishing the time only a global crisis could buy us in abundance. Keep reading to find the five mental health habits worth carrying forward once we wave goodbye to the pandemic for good. 

Nature-Inspired Walks 

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If we come to think of it, many of us never had the time to stop and stare and marvel at nature’s beauty. While we could all make time to prioritize our workout plans, going outside hardly ever made our priority list. 

Nature is known as the best healer, and experiencing its miraculous healing power for ourselves has been a tranquil respite. Walking is undoubtedly the most convenient and easy-to-follow exercise we can all stick to, long after the pandemic is over. 

Staying Hydrated 

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Keeping ourselves adequately hydrated is so important, especially in summers. Many of us found genius hacks to meet our hydration goals, whether it involved carrying a water bottle around or setting reminders on our phones. 


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Engaging in mindfulness activities has helped many people unwind from their busy schedules. By dedicating some part of the day to connecting with your inner selves, you can find peace of mind, body, and soul that will instantly recharge you to take on the day’s work. 

Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises have gained popularity over time, emerging as excellent de-stressing techniques. While we can all find something that works best for us, knowing that we have the power to influence our thoughts and feelings is terrific. 


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In between a hectic 9-6 work routine, many people had nearly done away with looking after themselves until the pandemic happened. The very first lockdown wave helped us discover all the things we could do with all the extra time, and self-care rituals slowly made their way into our lives. 

Many of us explored new buzzwords in the skin-care, beauty, and hair departments. Many of us bought new products to upgrade our beauty counters. And better yet, we’re enjoying all the little self-care practices that have crept into our daily routine over time. 

Me Time 

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Nobody knew a global pandemic could lock us all down in our homes, limiting physical connections with our loved ones. While the introverts were probably more prepared for these emergency conditions, the extroverts struggled like anything. 

While it was a foreign and scary notion to spend time with ourselves away from all the hustle and bustle, it has helped us gain perspective and become more in tune with our inner selves. And the pandemic or not, finding me time should always be on our priority list!

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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