5 Positive Habits To Start This Year

Jan 12, 2021
02:43 A.M.
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New year, new me is a phrase we all say way too often every January. Although it is excellent to become a better person when a new year starts, it does take some work.


Most human beings have the desire to be better and grow from their previous selves. A new year offers many people a clean slate to start a new chapter in their lives, resulting in new year’s resolution lists.

New year’s resolutions are all about adopting good habits that will help you improve yourself. Here are a few good habits to adopt in 2021 to have a successful year filled with growth and self-improvement.

Start Your Day With A Glass Of Water

Photo by Bluewater Globe on Unsplash

Photo by Bluewater Globe on Unsplash


Habit is the most significant reason why you reach for a mug of coffee or a cup of tea in the morning. Your body automatically craves these beverages when you wake up because it is what you’ve done for years.

This year, switch the coffee for a glass of water instead as it will help kick start’ the day’s hydration. You can always have your morning coffee afterward; just make sure the first thing you drink is water.

Create A Morning Ritual

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash


This can be any activity you enjoy and makes you feel ready for the day ahead. Try to draw, exercise, make breakfast or meditate every single morning, and you will see a change in how your day progresses.

Take Daily Walks

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

A daily walk can last as little as ten minutes a day, and you can progress as time goes by. Walking is not only a suitable form of exercise, but it also gives you time to get out and be in nature away from daily stress.


Breathing in the fresh air while you stroll around your neighborhood can be beneficial for your mood as well. If you don’t enjoy your walks, start with three days a week and work your way up as the year goes by.

Complete One Task At A Time

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Multitasking is so last year (and only 2% of the world’s population can do it efficiently). Doing one thing at a time will help you complete tasks to your best ability, and it will reduce mental clutter that lowers efficiency.


Invest In Daily Self Care

Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash

Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash

It is vital that you take care of yourself and do things that make you feel fulfilled and happy. The world is a bustling place that makes us feel unimportant amongst dealing with all of our stresses.

We must take the time to wind down and remind ourselves that we are loved. A self-care activity can include anything from making a nice meal, taking a long battle bath to or learning a new skill.

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