5 Powerful Lessons I Learnt From TED Talks

Jan 25, 2021
08:37 A.M.
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Whether it involves rewiring your brain to change your outlook or simply channeling your inner strength to persevere and battle the darkest of storms, TED Talks carry life-changing lessons that continue to inspire the masses.


TED is a global phenomenon that has changed our perspectives and helped millions of people transform their life. The talks comprise short video clips where notable figures from all walks of life share their real stories in a hall packed with audiences.

Initially, TED was simply a platform that promoted technology, entertainment, and design methodologies, but it has diversified to include all subject areas over time. Here are some of the most powerful lessons I have learned from watching TED Talks, and I’m sure you can too.

Failing In Life Has Its Queer Advantages


Come to think of it, how often do we hammer ourselves for all the times we have messed up or failed miserably? While failures are a part of life, we can hardly ever see any silver lining when our life gets clouded with sheer darkness.

According to social psychologist Thomas Curran, it’s important to celebrate our downfalls because it helps boost our self-confidence and passion. We need to break free from the false notion that life is only about perfection, and instead, embrace our flaws and imperfections as natural phenomena.

Learning How To Ask Questions In The Correct Manner

While it’s a good thing to be curious and ask questions, one should also understand how to formulate those questions and ask them correctly. Choosing your words correctly and asking questions from the right people at the right time can make a huge difference.


The questions we pose are incredibly critical in increasing our knowledge and solving any problems we might be facing. Pia Lauritzen, a Danish philosopher, has carried out extensive research on the implications of questions and advises people to be more mindful regarding their queries.

Rewiring Your Brain To See The “Good” In A Bad Situation

Everyone goes through hardships and moments when they feel significantly beaten down and gloomy. A big part of our life is learning how to balance good and evil and accept them both whole-heartedly.

While it’s natural to get bogged down whenever things take a wrong turn, we can reframe our thoughts to see the positive in a negative situation. A social psychologist, Alison Ledgerwood, suggests that chanting positive affirmations can shift our thoughts and change negative reactions.


Your Chances To Succeed Go Up As You Age

Many of us are so scared of time passing by that we push ourselves to achieve everything all at once. Such an approach can leave us drained or ruin chances of success in our present, let alone the future.

Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, a notable physicist and network theorist, elaborates that we can become successful at any age and that our mental age is much different from our physical age. Creativity has got nothing to do with how old we are.

When In Doubt, Take A Deep Breath


Doubting ourselves is a natural process, and many of us struggle in life when it comes to making important decisions promptly. Fighting our thoughts and feelings and getting more in tune with our inner self is needed when faced with self-doubt.

Theresa Byrne, an expert in self-defense and fourth-degree Master Black Belt, notes that stopping to inhale deeply for three seconds can help us calm down. You can practice this simple breathing exercise whenever you feel taken over by fear, stress, or doubt.