5 Powerful Ways To Overcome Times Of Uncertainty

Nothing can be as devastating as an emotional crisis that’s a direct product of the chaos around you. When everything feels uncertain, and out of control, staying patient can prove helpful. 

We are alive in one of the most trying times in history. Things are highly unpredictable and scary around us, which calls for ample amounts of patience and courage on our part. 

Nobody knows what’s coming next, and not knowing where the world is headed can sometimes weigh down on us. If you’re having a hard time coping with uncertainty, here are some powerful ways to keep the faith and hope running strong. 

Get In Touch With Your Emotions 

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It often happens that in times of crisis, our feelings can get out of control. When you’re going through a whirlpool of emotions, even the most trivial things tend to wound you. 

Remember to keep your emotions in check whenever the situation around you seems crazy. Instead of numbing your senses, give yourself the liberty to feel what you want to so that you can better deal with your emotions. 

Focus On What You Can Control 

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We can’t control everything, and it’s okay to accept our limitations as human beings. But we can control how we react to a particular situation and how it affects our emotional well-being. 

Don’t despair when things around you seem dark and scary. Life is about striking a balance between the good and bad times, and over time, everything falls into place. 

Steer Clear Of Unhealthy Distractions 

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It can be effortless to give in to unhealthy habits whenever we’re going through unpredictable circumstances. While they may distract us for a while, their negative impact on our health can put us in grave danger. 

It is best to avoid taking refuge in unhealthy distractions under all conditions. Resort to healthy ways of coping with yourself, like cooking, going out in nature, or anything that floods your mind and heart with positivity. 

Get Help From Writing 

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Writing is a powerful way of dealing with your emotions, especially in chaotic and uncertain times. When you write down your feeling, you’re transferring your thoughts from your mind to the paper, which also lowers your anxiety. 

If you’re not fond of writing so much, start putting down one sentence in your diary every day. Over time, you will fall in love with writing so much that you want to write more. 

Power Of Gratitude 

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Get in the habit of offering gratitude for all you have, especially in critical and testing times. For instance, if you’re safe amid the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, be grateful that you’ve been blessed with health in such awful times. 

When the circumstances around us get out of control, the first thing we do is despair and overlook our blessings. Offering gratitude regularly can help us count our gifts and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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