5 Reasons To Buy A Skincare Mini Fridge

Apr 24, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Skincare enthusiasts, what are the chances you’ve toyed around with the idea of a minifridge for your skincare? It’s hard not to look at the numerous pictures over on Instagram of cute millennial-pink fridges chockful of top-rated skincare.


Many companies are now offering adorable downsized fridges specifically for skincare. However, one mini fridge can set you back $100. Therefore, this brings forth the question of whether these highly Instagrammable mini machines are worth it. We’ll get to that in a moment.

The concept of cold skincare is not new. Think, ice facials. This is because there’s an actual benefit to using chilled skincare on your face. Below, we’ve rounded up five major reasons you should consider before buying a skincare minifridge.

Cold Skincare Wakes Up Your Skin


Think of a hot day. Now imagine splashing cold water on your face in an attempt to cool down. Stay with us, as you imagine this feeling elevated twice more when you apply a cool serum to your face. The relief is like no other and so welcoming after the long day you’ve had.

Cool products will wake your skin up. The sensory effect to the skin will jolt your skin awake. Therefore consider storing face creams or face masks in your minifridge to use as the last calming step in your routine. However, this calming effect leads us to the next point.

Skincare In a Mini Fridge Will Reduce Irritation


If you are someone suffering from acne, redness, or some form of irritation, a skincare minifridge may work to your advantage. The calming effect can do wonders to soothe breakouts, redness, or bumps. Thus, a cool serum applied to acne skin will calm those pesky bumps.

Moreover, products like eye creams or jade rollers once cold can help reduce puffiness. Thus, say goodbye to your puffy eyes. Also, any ingredient formulated with aloe once cooled will be seriously soothing on inflamed skin.

Skincare Mini-Fridges Extend Shelf Life


Some skincare products are formulated with ingredients that have a naturally short shelf life. These can be all-natural plant-based products, those with vitamin C. or retinol, and benzoyl peroxide formulas.

These do not work well in warmer temperatures. Therefore by extending their shelf life, you are making them more stable to work with. However, do not use your fridge to keep and use products past their expiry date.

It’s A Selfcare Luxury


With the massive flop 2020 was and the uncertainty of 2021, self-care is more important than ever. Frankly, it’s a chaotic world out there. However, this leads us to the big question. Are skincare refrigerators necessary? Well, not really.

Putting your skincare in a minifridge will not affect the efficacy or strength of the active ingredients of your products. However, despite saying that, the experience of cooling products on the skin will provide a luxurious, calming treatment for your face.

Not Contaminated by Food


If you're sold on using cooled skincare on your face, you may be tempted to place them in a regular fridge. However, consider the fact that you put leftovers in your fridge and you risk contaminating your well-deserved skincare.

Skincare fridges are a perfect storage spot (and super cute vanity decor) for your cooling products without leaving your products with the odor of last night’s dinner. Also, you can control the temperature of your skincare fridge. This way, you can avoid your products being exposed to too cold temperatures that render them useless.