5 Reasons To Switch To Silk Sheets

Silk is a pleasant material, especially for its softness. But that’s not its only asset! Silk also turns out to be a perfect beauty ally. There has long been a lot of talk on websites that review body care products about the benefits of silk pillowcases for skin and hair.

Silk pillowcases are more expensive than cotton ones and require several more precautions in washing, but they are worth investing in.

Pay close attention to the sheets you sleep on: choosing silk sheets could give you fresher skin and shinier and better moisturizing hair.

 1. It Does Not Absorb Our Night Cream

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The cotton fabric has the disadvantage of absorbing our moisturizer. In other words, the benefits of our night care product are not optimal. Silk sheets will not absorb thanks to the silk protein. 

Another good point to note is that silk protein does not absorb the skin’s natural moisture either. It thus makes it possible to maintain and regulate the balance of the epidermis.

2. Highly Recommended For Sensitive Skin

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Silk is soft and does not attack our skin. This hypoallergenic material also has a soothing effect. In other words, it is highly recommended for sensitive, irritated, or problematic skin. 

So, if you are suffering from acne, eczema, or the like, it is time to get yourself some silk sheets. Silk pillowcases are incredibly hygienic: bacteria and fungi have no escape, and you will certainly appreciate it!

3. It Regulates Our Body Temperature

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In summer, we are too hot under our sheets. To avoid this, we have (more or less) all the same technique of turning our cotton pillow over to find a new little corner of freshness. 

The silk pillowcase stays fresh at all times. Conversely, in winter, it keeps us warm. Silk helps regulate our body’s natural heat throughout the night.

4. It Limits The Appearance Of Wrinkles

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Yes, you read that correctly. Sleeping with silk sheets helps limit the appearance of wrinkles. 

And the reason is simple: this ultra-smooth and the supple fabric does not wrinkle our skin. That way, you don’t have too many pillow marks on your face when you wake up!

5. It Is Gentle On The Hair

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During sleep, we turn and toss about. The results are seen in the morning, especially on the hair. Silk proteins regulate sebum production, making it less greasy, and help keep frizz and split ends under control.

Silk helps prevent knots in the hair and also limits the appearance of split ends. Finally, it also reduces hair loss.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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