5 Sex Myths Experts Wish Would Disappear

Sex has been a taboo for years and that’s allowed for many falsehoods to be spread around the topic. Experts find that the following myths are still prevalent.

We have made progress over the years, and the importance of clear information around sex is becoming more of a norm. But some of these falsehoods still come up on a regular basis which can be harmful as people need to be well informed as to ensure safe and pleasurable sex. Without further ado, it’s time to bust…

… bust some myths, that is. Here are five common myths about sex that experts wish could disappear and never come back:

1. You Can’t Get Pregnant If You’re On Top

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Listen here cowgirl, you can absolutely get pregnant while you’re on top during vaginal sex. And this is true for any other position in which a penis enters a vagina, no matter if you’re sitting, standing, spinning, flying or any other freaky thing you’re about.

Sperm are skilled swimmers and come hell or high water if there is nothing in their way, swim they will. They can also live inside the body for up to about five days. If you are looking to avoid pregnancy, try a reliable method of birth control.

2. Chocolate Is An Aphrodisiac

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Chocolate can stimulate a small amount release of phenylethylamine and serotonin into our systems, which have a slight mood-boosting effect that may make someone more inclined to want sex. But that may be as far as chocolate goes in sexual enhancement. As far as the claim that chocolate can boost sex-drive goes, there is no definitive research out to support a direct claim between chocolate and sex.

That being as it may, if the thought of a certain food is linked to sex, your mind thinks it’s an aphrodisiac, and just like that, it may become an aphrodisiac. Classic placebo effect.

3. All Women Experience Orgasm Through Intercourse

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According to studies, up to seventy-five percent of women cannot orgasm through intercourse alone, reported by ABC News.

And in a separate study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, nearly thirty-seven percent of women said that to achieve orgasm, they need some other sort of stimulation during intercourse. This would include clitoral stimulation, which has the highest concentration of nerves in the human body, with eight thousand in the tip alone.

4. The More Sex You Have, The “Looser” Your Vagina Will Get

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Contrary to the idea widely perpetuated by slut-shamers, the vagina does not get looser with more sex. An article from Psychology Today describes female anatomy in an excellent visual way that I cite on the reg.

The vaginal muscles are extremely elastic and can maintain shape even after giving vaginal birth. No penis is going to make it “looser”.

5. Masturbation Makes Achieving Orgasm More Difficult

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Masturbation is an opportunity for you to learn what you like and how your body wants to be pleasured. If anything, masturbation makes orgasms better, not worse. If you don’t know what makes you come, how can you expect to articulate to your partner what you want?

Now, if you use a Hitachi Magic Wand on its highest setting five times per day, you may experience some temporary genital numbness, but research suggests it’s uncommon and short-lived.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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