5 Signs She’s Meant To Be Your Wife

Marrying has never been the tricky part, but finding ‘the one’ – the right one is. Men are often caught up in a dilemma when deciding whom to settle down with. They are often beclouded by what she looks like and majorly fail out on nailing a keeper. 

The question is, what are you looking for? Are you looking for a trophy chick to hang on your hand or to make you feel good when you hang out with the guys? 

Or are you looking for a “wife!” – Someone to build a legacy with. If a wife is what you’re looking for, these clues will help you nail in on the right one.

1. She Has A Positive Influence On You

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When you are in love, it can be challenging to understand someone’s impact on your life. Some people support you, constructively criticize, and help you learn. 

Others point out your flaws for the sole purpose of hurting you. Which of these is she doing?  If she is constantly encouraging you to do better for yourself, has an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and does not exploit them not to injure you, but to make you better, then you should keep her!

2. Compatibility 

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These are fundamental for the quality and success of a relationship. Being compatible means understanding each other even with just a glance without speaking, and this happens only when there is a lot of intimacy and you go deep into the other’s life.

Compatibility occurs when both of you travel on the same frequency; there is affinity, you can find a meeting point even if you have different views. There is a similarity of tastes, style, ways to live, and seeing life. This doesn’t mean that you have to be the same as differences benefit the couple and offer the possibility to grow and complete each other.

3. Common Objectives

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A solid couple is made up of two people who look in the same direction, who have common goals. Having shared goals means fighting together for the exact cause, such as buying a house, living together for rent, or having a child. 

And once a goal has been reached, in order to maintain the balance of the relationship, it is necessary always to have new goals to achieve together.

4. Love And Respect

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A woman who is right for you will love and respect you. We all know that men need appreciation that is healthy and balanced. It has nothing to do with the dysfunctionality of a perverse narcissist or a morbidly insecure person. 

The truth is that without realizing it, many women don’t know how to show respect (and maybe not even love), and they mess around. When you find one that knows how to, know that she’s a keeper!

5. She’s Independent

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No man wants a liability but an asset. When you consider making a woman your wife, you want to be sure that you both make a formidable team and not have one party being totally dependent on the other. 

If she’s independent, she will not rely on you to take care of her or keep her happy and occupied. Hence, you both are whole when apart and better when together.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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