5 Simple Winter Skincare Rules To Follow To Get Glowy Skin

The chilly winter breeze is here, which means it’s time to take extra care of your skin. There is more than just one type of flake that indicates when winter has taken full force as a season. 

Winter comes with many lovely things such as baked goods, lit fireplaces, and, of course, Christmas. Unfortunately, this cool and dry aired season comes with problematic skin issues as well.

There are many tricks to treating your skin in winter and maintaining a consistent warm-season glow. Avoid dryness, cracking, and breakouts this season with these five simple winter skincare tips. 

Cut Down On Shower Time

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There is nothing better than a hot bath or shower after a long day of work in winter. Unfortunately indulging in a long and hot shower can be detrimental to your skin’s moisture during winter. 

“In the winter months, taking hot showers and not moisturizing can create cracks in the surface of the skin. Hot water evaporates fast, and if the skin is not immediately moisturized, the cracks in the skin let the skin nerves get exposed to air, resulting in what feels like lots of paper cuts and eczema, or ‘winter’s itch,’”

Says Dr Purvisha Patel

It is best to apply moisturizer immediately after getting out of a hot shower if you still want to take one. It is important not to let your skin air dry after a bath in winter to avoid dry and cracking skin. 

Switch Up Your Moisturizer

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Many people may lean towards a lighter moisturizing lotion option for the quick, weightless application. Unfortunately, lotion lovers have to compromise in winter and get a thicker cream moisturizer instead. 

A cream moisturizer offers a richer and more protective skin hydration option as opposed to lotion. Look out for more oil-based products instead of water-based moisturizing products for the best results. 

Dry Up Before Going Outside

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Most of us are prone to quickly washing our hands and leaving the bathroom with damp hands. Some of us have also built the habit of sprinting out of the house half-dressed and damp when running late. 

Going out into the winter air with damp skin will dry your skin much faster, so it’s essential to avoid this. Take some more time into making sure that your skin is dry and moisturized before going outside. 

Exfoliate Less

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Dermatologists put forward that the skin’s barrier is more compromised than usual during winter. This means that we should avoid exfoliating, which could create more issues when the air is dry and cold. 

You don’t have to let exfoliating go entirely though, as it does help skin absorb moisturizing products better. Avoid exfoliating dehydrated skin often, even if it is flaking more regularly than a week at a time. 

Hydrate From The Inside Out

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You may hear this everywhere you go and for everything you do, but another reminder couldn’t hurt. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day, and keep an eye out for this, especially during the cold winter. 

Cover Up

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Wearing clothes and accessories that cover you up from the winter air is ideal for skin care. Skin that is behind a clothing barrier is protected from the harsh and cold elements of the season. 

Hands seem to suffer the most in winter, mainly because we are frequently washing them. Invest in a pair of gloves this year to offer further protection beyond moisturizers.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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