5 Songs We Didn't Realize Were Covers

Dec 23, 2020
12:46 P.M.
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Art is the greatest form of imitation, so we often find that the beautiful pieces we love already exist. Reproduction is also the best form of flattery, which is why so many artists lend from each other.


We often see other artists draw inspiration from each other in all creative forms. Music is one of the easiest to pinpoint because catchy tunes easily engrain themselves into our memories.

Many musicians sample music, melodies, lyric ideas, and even entire songs from each other. Take a look to see which of our favorite hit songs belonged to another artist before making charts as a cover.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun By Cyndi Lauper

This anthem by the incredible Cyndi Lauper is so synonymous with the star that it's shocking to know it's a cover. A new wave musician named Robert Hazard recorded the demo for the hit before Cyndi’s cover.


Hazard was a hot musician in the Philadelphia club scene during the 80s. Although Hazard was buzzing for a moment, he is best known for his 1979 composition of the Cyndi Lauper best selling hit.

Red Red Wine By UB40

No one can resist but bop their heads to this easy reggae jam, but many don't know it existed as another version. The song appeared on Neil Diamond's album, Just For You, as a more somber variation to the previous.

I Love Rock 'n Roll By Joan Jett And The Blackhearts


It turns out that there may be a few more people who love rock n roll more than Joan Jett and her band. The famous rock anthem convinced us all to switch to the side of electric guitars and loud amps anyway.

Although Joan Jett made the song the hit it is with her star power and talent, The Arrows claimed it first. The Arrows recorded and released the song seven years before Jett declared her love for the genre.

Killing Me Softly By The Fugees


You cannot think about 90s vocalists without thinking of Lauryn Hill's performance of this song. Before Lauryn covered this song, two other artists sang it before her, namely Roberta Flack and before her, Lori Lieberman.

If I Were A Boy By Beyonce

We are shocked that someone out there wrote this heart-wrenching Beyonce song. Her 2008 offering, I Am Sasha Fierce, featured this emotional and robust ballad that stole and broke our hearts all in one.

Although we all know the song from the 2008 Beyonce release, singer-songwriter BC Jean recorded it first. Her record company rejected the song, thus prompting her to give the piece to Queen Bey.