5 Songs You Didn't Know Were About Miscarriage

Oct 23, 2020
11:10 A.M.
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When words may fail, music has the power to heal. The estimated statistics are that 1 in every four known pregnancies end in miscarriage.


Nevertheless, it can cause a deep-sea of emotion and is very difficult to navigate. The grief of a miscarriage can result in feelings of loneliness exacerbated by the fog of stigma surrounding the topic despite its common occurrence. Artists are often inspired by real-life and can draw from their experiences to make sense of life. This requires a great deal of vulnerability but can also be therapeutic for the artist and listener.

Here is a list of 5 songs that say “you are not alone” and try to convey the deepest feelings of loss to a melody about miscarriage:

1. “Heartbeat” by Beyoncé


In the song, Beyoncé refers to her experience with miscarriage after losing her first child. She calls it the saddest thing she has ever been through and used songwriting as a form of therapy. The song is an emotional outpouring as she expresses the feelings that “took the life right of her.”

The song “Heartbeat” was initially recorded for Beyoncé’s self-titled album in 2013; however, it did not make the cut. A snippet of the song and some lyrics were later released.

2. “4:44” by Jay Z

In this layered song, Jay Z gets honest and makes several apologies for things that have happened. He explains how the loss of his first child forced him to face the gravity of his actions and inspired him to change for the better.


Furthermore, he apologizes to his wife Beyoncé and goes on to acknowledge that it took him “too long for this song.” The song essentially shows he now truly appreciates her.

3. “Happy” by P!nk

P!nk brings us into her emotions around her miscarriage and the relationship with her body resulting in a different sound from the singer. The song is vulnerable and bears her story in her most recent album Hurt 2B Human.

She begins with the words, “Since I was 17, I've always hated my body, and it feels like my body's hated me”. She told USA Today in 2019 that the song references her miscarriage at the age of 17.


4. “Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran

“’ Cause you were just a small bump unborn for four months, then torn from life. Maybe you were needed up there, but we’re still unaware as why.”

Sings Ed Sheeran about the miscarriage that a friend of his experienced.

Sheeran talks about what a complicated topic it was to speak about in an interview he had in 2011. He had planned to write it from his perspective but decided against that and wrote from his friend’s perspective due to the topic’s sensitivity.

5. “More” by Halsey,


In this touching song, Hasley sings about the loss of her baby and the loss of hope accompanying her miscarriage. “Feeling so incomplete. Wonder will we ever meet?” as she pours her feelings in the song.

Halsey, who has been quite open about her difficulties with her reproductive health, told Rolling Stone about a miscarriage that she experienced in 2016 before a concert.