5 Things To Consider Before Going On Birth Control

Apr 21, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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Birth control is used to treat more than just avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. If you’re considering birth control as an option, you might want to know more before you make a choice!


Women have been using birth control pills to treat PCOS symptoms and menstrual cramps, not just to avoid pregnancy. Before you consider taking birth control, you need to be aware of the side effects so you can decide if it’s for you.

Researching birth control is essential because you want to make sure that it will be effective and suit your needs! So here are five things to consider before going on birth control.

1. There Are Options




The pill isn’t the only option available when it comes to birth control devices like IUDs, condoms, and even the patch available that can provide you with similar protection. You should consider some of these options before diving in and sticking with the pill.

Options like the patch are lower maintenance than the pill, and condoms provide you with protection against STDs as well as pregnancy. So go through the options and see which is more suitable for your budget and needs.

2. Side Effects




Like with any medication, birth control has side effects. Birth control can make you nauseous, high blood pressure, and decrease your libido, amongst other side effects.

They can be manageable, sometimes they go away after a while, but it’s better to be informed of the side effects before taking the medication. So when you get the box take the time to read the insert before throwing it out.

3. There’s A Chance You Could Get Pregnant




The pill is effective to a point some people still get pregnant while taking the pill, so the risk is low but never impossible! The risk increases when you change the time you take your pill, and it isn’t easy to do so at the same time every day.

So if you miss a pill or start taking the pill, there’s no time for it to become effective, and it increases your chances of getting pregnant, so stay prepared and use condoms as a backup. You would rather be safe than sorry!

4. Changes To Your Period

Shuttercstock By iama_sing

Shuttercstock By iama_sing


If you’re someone who suffers from amenorrhea which is when you skip periods and don’t get it regularly, you’ll notice that your cycle will become more regular with the pill. It can even make your cramps more bearable during your period.

Maybe you’re going on vacation, and you’re due for your period; you can easily just skip the sugar pills in your birth control pack and skip your period. You might experience some spotting, but that’s fine if you don’t want to deal with a weeklong blood fest!

5. Can You Stop?




Of course, you can stop any time you want, but if you’re trying to avoid an unexpected pregnancy, you should use other forms of birth control. Because these pills control your hormones, it might take some time before your hormone levels are back to normal.

With hormone level changes, your period cycle can be affected, and you might skip a period or notice abnormal bleeding. It should go back to normal in a while, depending on how your body adjusts to hormone level changes.

While the pill is the most well-known form of birth control, there are other options to consider. So before you commit to a form of birth control, make sure you’re informed of the side effects too!

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