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5 Things To Do Pre-Workout For Maximum Results


June 09, 2021

Your pre and post-workout routines are much more important than the actual workout. You can put together a smart fitness regimen by incorporating healthy pre-workout rituals to fuel your mind and body. 

"The workout is actually the easiest part of a fitness routine. Whether you walk, jog, lift weights, or do CrossFit, an hour is only four percent of your day, and you can't [make that more important than] the 23 other hours."

-says Jay Cardiello, Gold's Gym Fitness Institute member. 

Exercising doesn't only involve building and toning your muscles. In addition to concentrating on our bodily strength, we also need to build our stamina, which helps us progress in our workout plan. Here are 5 things to do pre-workout to get the most out of your fitness routine. 

Get Proper Sleep 

Prioritizing your sleep schedule is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Try to get at least five to eight hours of sleep, so you have enough energy for a workout session.

Disrupted sleep patterns and insomnia can lead to low motivation and exhaustion pre-workout. This means that you will not have enough physical and mental strength to expend during your exercise.

Consume Energizing Foods 

Doing high-impact exercises requires stamina and bodily strength, both of which are dependent on what you eat. Consuming a healthy meal or snack before exercising will give you an instant energy boost. 

However, it's best to practice caution with your pre-workout food and rely on what works best for you. Generally, adding carbohydrates, lean proteins, and low-fat foods to your pre-workout diet will help fuel your body. 

Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated at all times is necessary for our overall health. But when it comes to breaking a sweat, our body constantly loses water, and excessive dehydration can prove detrimental. 

The best way to maintain your hydration levels is by consuming water, fruit juices, and other healthy beverages. However, keeping your water intake in check is mandatory, and you can do this by carrying a water bottle along. 

Warm Up

Before you get down to sweating it all out, it's best to start with low-impact exercises. These are often referred to as warm-up or dynamic stretches designed to help you slowly delve into the main workout program. 

Dynamic stretching is recommended, as it helps with warming up the muscles, preventing them from becoming sore and achy. Using a foam roller to increase your range of motion or merely engaging in breathing and ignition exercises will board well for you. 


Put Together A Playlist 

Preparing yourself mentally pre-workout is essential for gaining maximum results. You can do so by putting together your very own workout playlist, which will get your heart rate pumping for an excellent workout session. 

Use a heart rate monitor to keep track of your heartbeat and pulse levels. Playing upbeat and workout-friendly songs in the background will help you stay in sync, jacking up your energy levels like nothing else.