5 Things To Say To Someone Trying To Lose Weight

People’s weight loss journeys are complex, and we need to be careful of approaching them. This applies to everything we say to these people about their appearance while they are on the journey. 

A weight loss journey looks different for many people, and weight loss may also be unintentional. Speaking about bodies and their appearance is quite complicated because there are very thin lines you can cross. 

Pointing out weight loss can be flattering or insulting to different people, requiring a careful choice of words. Read more to explore five things to say to someone who has lost or is trying to lose weight. 

Looking Good

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Telling your friend, family member, or colleague that they look great instead of saying they look skinny is ideal. This choice of words affirms the person’s healthy body weight without putting pressure on them to be thin. 

Saying this instead of positively exclaiming they look skinny also removes the implication that they looked bad before. It is important not to imply that a particular bodyweight makes one look more or less beautiful. 

Feeling Good

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Although you may feel your friend doesn’t need to lose weight, their journey is not about you. Instead of only reassuring them that they already look good, tell them that you are happy that they feel amazing too. 

Great Plan

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Celebrating your loved one’s weight loss journey experience instead of interjecting with your own is the way to go. Telling the person that their plan sounds fantastic affirms that they are doing something right. 

Everyone’s weight loss experience is different, and interjecting with your own may pass as judgment. Pay mind to celebrating their experience instead to make them feel more at ease with their process as long as it’s healthy. 


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A little motivation can go a long way when someone is losing weight, but be careful not to police someone. Instead, celebrate the progress they’ve made by telling them they are doing great even when they slip up. 

Let’s Do Pilates

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Your friend who is on a weight loss journey may not be the best person to invite for an indulgent lunch. Although an innocent invitation to a happy hour may seem uncomplicated, it may interfere with your friend’s plan. 

Rather opt for doing an activity when inviting your friend to hang out. You can either ask them to join you for a walk, your favorite pilates or yoga class or you can do something fun like go rollerskating or rock climbing. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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