5 Tips On Getting To Know Your Partner Better

Been together for three months? Or five years? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together; there are always ways to get to know each other better. 

If you’ve been in a relationship for just a few months, it might just feel like there are so many things you’d like to know about your partner — from how they drink their coffee to the deepest struggles they went through as a kid. But if it’s been years and years with your partner and you might think you know possibly everything, trust me, there’s always a tiny detail, memory, or some information to learn about them.

Getting to know each other — whether you’ve been together for a while or not — builds intimacy and closeness. We’ve brought you five ways to make a stronger connection with your partner and to get to know them better.

Ask Questions

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Setting up a time to turn off Netflix and turn on the inner interest about each other. The best way to do that is asking questions. 

From personal questions like ‘have you ever wanted to live somewhere else?’ to the ones related to your relationship, ‘what are your goals for this relationship?’ Here’s a list of questions you can ask each other. 

Spend Quality Time Together

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Stay in, hang out, have fun together as you did during the dating phase. By spending quality time, you open the door for communication and strengthen your bonds. From taking a weekend trip, taking a SPA day together, to cooking a romantic dinner together.

Get To Know Their Hobbies

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Sure, it’s essential to have independent pursuits and hobbies. Still, it’s equally vital to understand why your partner likes to go to the Bookclub every week or practice Volleyball every Sunday.

You don’t need to go with them if you hate Volleyball but get to know what’s going on with their team, how they’re evolving in the sport, or show interest in some sort.

Take Up An Interest Together

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Now you know what’s going on in your partner’s Volleyball team, maybe it’s time to pick up a hobby you both like. For instance, if you both like cooking, why not take a cooking class together or something you like trying on your own and would like to try again.

Try Somethin New — in Bed!

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Going out of your comfort zone and saying to your partner you’d like to try something new with them in bed is another excellent way to know a bit more about them.

Talk through your differences, understand what gives the most pleasure to each other in bed and try something new are great ways to reconnect and reignite with your significant one.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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