5 Tips To Lower Your Screen Time

Because sometimes you just need to tear yourself away from your screen and do something else with your time. Let’s cultivate healthier relationships with the screens in our lives.

Have you ever taken note of how much time you spend in front of a screen lately? Because I have and the and the answer is, way more than I’d like to.

While many of the negatives that we had associated with being on a screen may be exaggerated, it’s just not the best feeling knowing that hours of your day are spent in front of your phone, laptop, or television, especially if it’s hours spent scrolling deeper down the internet rabbit hole. 

Go Outside

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Have you ever heard the phrase “go outside. Look at a tree”?  Well, go outside and look at a tree! But seriously, some fresh air could do you a world of good, and there are so many benefits to spending some time in nature that may boost your mood.

While you’re out there, do something, no screen related. Take note of things in your surroundings or the weather, the birds, your feelings. 

Turn Off Push Notifications

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I’ve recently done this with most of my apps, and it helps to not be sucked in by the frequent vibration that could wait, in all honesty.

Unless your job requires it (but even then, you should have some boundaries), you don’t need to know everything that’s going on all the time. And on this point right here, if there’s news or a response that you are waiting for and your notifications are on, trust that your notifications tone will do its job instead of unlocking your phone every after three seconds.

Bedtime Is Bedtime

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When it’s time for bed, put your phone and laptop away. I fact, make your room a devices zone after a certain time and make sure to stick to it, even if it’s not every day of the week, but start with every other day and see how that works for you. 

Also, quality sleep should always be a priority because being well-rested just sets you up for a good next day. Not only that, but it can help you maintain a good mood.

Be Intentional

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As a bit of an app hoarder myself, I realized that there were just too many apps, particularly social media apps. Getting stuck in the circle between Instagram and then Twitter takes you to a link that you follow, leading you to Facebook, and suddenly your neck deep in videos of old Oprah interviews from the ‘90s. 

Narrow down your apps and think carefully about why you use some of them and what ways they serve you, if at all. And if you decide not to remove any apps or switch off notifications, at least, you’ll know exactly why.


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Here a mute, there a mute. Everywhere a mute, mute. Hand mutes out like the nice mom hands out candy during Halloween.

Muting is a practice at setting boundaries. Filter the content you don’t want to be seeing on your feed or in your messages. If anything gives you a weird vibe, be quick on that mute button.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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