5 Travel Tips I Learnt For Traveling During The Pandemic

Traveling is a fantastic way of learning about the world. And even though traveling during a pandemic can be scary and difficult, it’s not impossible!

Travel is a great way to broaden your perspective and give you insights into different cultures and traditions. International travel may be somewhat limited during the present times, but there is still hope for domestic travel.

The travel tips at the top of my list usually include traveling light, carrying a jacket, and adhering to local customs, but my tips had to take a new twist in light of the pandemic. Traveling during the pandemic has added a few more travel tips to my collection. These include:

1. Always Check Travel Requirements For The Destination Before Embarking On The Journey

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There can be changes in what is required between the time you made the bookings and the travel date. Please make sure you are up to date on the requirements with regards to COVID testing.

Figure out the countries requirements for quarantine time, and if there are any other restrictions in place at the time of your departure. Prepare any paperwork you may need in advance.

2. Be Flexible

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The pandemic has taught me to be less rigid in my vacation expectations. As countries change their lockdown levels according to the virus’s spread, we need to adjust our expectations and go with the flow. 

For example, those holidaying in South Africa during the December festive season suddenly found that the country’s level 3 lockdown meant that beaches were closed. If your accommodations had a sea view, at least you could console yourself with looking at the waves. If not, you could choose to pack up and go home or opt for a road trip to see historic sites or visit a nature reserve.

3. Budget For Possible Situation Changes

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Many tourists found themselves marooned in foreign countries, without additional funds needed to stay longer than they planned when the pandemic first broke out. They were at the mercy of strangers, and the government bureaucrats responsible for bringing them home. 

In hindsight, I think we should always carry more cash or prepare for a worst-case scenario while traveling during pandemic times. Know your options.

4. Check & Confirm Bookings

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When using third party sites to book, make sure you book amendable and refundable accommodation. Since there is so much uncertainty at the moment, your bookings should be flexible. 

Some sites refund you in full if the booking is canceled due to COVID-related matters, but others only offer alternative dates or vouchers if your money is paid upfront. Read the fine print. It is essential to confirm your bookings a few days before you travel.

5. Follow Safety Protocols – Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

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When visiting a place, make sure to follow all the safety protocols. Your safety is important. Social distancing and mask-wearing requirements differ from place to place, so please ensure that you know what is legally required of you. 

Finally, traveling during the pandemic is difficult, and I learned some of the tips I am offering you the hard way, but it is not impossible. Stay safe if you decide to venture out.

Written By:
Ra'eesah ManackRa’eesah Manack

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