5 Ways To Get Your Sapiosexual Partner In The Mood

Send shivers down your partners’ smarty pants with these five things that’ll turn on your sapiosexual partner. Always remember, though, that each person may have their particular field of interest.

The term sapiosexual refers to a person who is primarily sexually turned on by intelligence, as opposed to looks or personality. The term has gathered a bit of back and forth regarding whether or not it should be included as a sexual orientation.

“Sapiosexuality is not an orientation in that orientation is about the gender identity of the partner or potential partner. A sapiosexual person can identify as gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, or greysexual. Sapiosexuality is how the person develops their attraction to someone. It is the how, not the who, of their attraction experience.”

 Kryss Shane, LMSW, dual-licensed social worker and LGBTQ+ expert explains.

Foreplay… But In Words

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“The brain is the most powerful sex organ. And for sapiosexuals, this mind-body connection is crucial when it comes to arousal.”

explains certified sex and relationship expert Emily Morse, Ph.D.

Give their imagination a good exercise as you, in great detail, describe how you’d like to play out some fantasies. Remember that all about a little brain play so tickle your partner’s mind including generous expressions of how said fantasies make you feel—you might be surprised to see your partner respond to this much more than a lap dance.

Seduce Them With Existentialist Sexts

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Send sexy shivers down your partner’s smarty-pants a sexy morning text: “Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.”  or start a controversial chat about religion, politics. 

However, be respectful because these can easily turn heated (and not in the way you want). But the honest conversation can get you your S.O tapping into a deeper level of understanding of one another.

Have A Games Night (With A Twist)

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“Play Strip Scrabble, and you’ll find you’ve never worked harder or been more turned on by a triple-word score,”

Morse says

Playing a board game can be a stimulating exercise for the brain but if you add a sexy twist to it, you can be stimulating another organ.

“Are you up?” Instead Of “U up?”

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It’s the little things to a sapiosexual, like knowing fundamental differences from those popularly mispronounced words like “nuclear” and not “nucular,” “espresso” and not “expresso.” Or that you’re likely using the word “irregardless” incorrectly. It may come across as finicky, but expressions of intellect will go a long way with your sapio love interest.

Even the smallest linguistic clues will set a sapiosexual off (or turn them on), so your diction needs to be on point. Just remember if you’re having dessert: “sherbet” has one ‘r,’ and you’re on the right path.

Learn Something Together

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It’s great to learn something new with your partner. It’s particularly special when you’re partner actually loves to learn new things. Learn a new language or complete a DIY project—either way, their attraction will grow as the two of you see the sides of each other that are open to learning.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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