5 Ways To Practice Kindness During The Pandemic

People are likely to remember how you make them feel, and sometimes, small acts of kindness can help lighten up someone’s mood. While many of us are undergoing severe anxiety and depression, it can come as a tranquil respite to receive love and affection from each other. 

Random acts of kindness don’t always come down to helping people financially or undertaking significant efforts to please them. Even an unexpected phone call from a loved one or a warm hug when you’re feeling gloomy can help you feel better. 

Being exposed to stressful situations for a long time can adversely impact our emotional well-being, and that’s why many of us have given in to pandemic depression. Below, you will find five easy ways to indulge in acts of kindness during the global pandemic. 

Check On Your Loved Ones 

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Practicing social distancing does not mean that we can’t check up on our loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you cannot be with someone physically, as you can connect with them through virtual means and inquire about their health. 

If you haven’t reached out to a friend or family member recently, drop them a phone call or send them a message. Let them know you’re thinking about them and that you wish them well in such turbulent times. 

Help Someone Learn A New Thing 

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There are numerous opportunities online where people can share their talent and skills. Look for a platform that helps you reach out to people and impart your knowledge and expertise so that they can benefit from it. 

Be A Good Listener 

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Often, we all want to be desperately heard and understood, more than anything else. The pandemic has led to so much pent-up anger and anxiety within us that it can be hard to deal with everything on our own. 

You can help a loved one feel better by providing a sound listening ear. Hear them out and let them confide in you regarding their troubles. If need be, offer them a piece of advice and help them unburden their soul. 

Help Out A Stranger Or Neighbor 

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Goodwill gestures never go unnoticed, and you can be kind and considerate to anyone, regardless of whether or not you know them. If your neighbor needs a helping hand or a stranger could benefit from your support, never hesitate in reaching out to people. 

Participate In Donation Drives 

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Many social welfare organizations and individuals are holding donation campaigns to help those in need. Please find out the nearest donation activity happening in your community, and make sure you become a part of it. 

You can donate anything from books to clothes and even accessories, but it’s better to give away things in good shape and order. Blood donation camps are an excellent way of being kind to people and saving precious lives. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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