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6 Best Hacks And Tips To Help Butt Acne


June 05, 2021

‘Buttnee,’ what a pain in the you-know-where. With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get those pesky pimples gone for good. So if you’ve been afraid to whip out your swimsuits this summer, we have good news.

Butt acne is more common than you think, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed about it. Besides, anything that causes friction can contribute to it, such as wet swimsuits, tight clothing, sweat, and even a new body wash.

However, the reason may also be folliculitis which is caused by inflamed hair follicles. Therefore, regardless of the reason, read on to understand the six best hacks and tips to help zap away your butt acne for smooth booty skin. 

Shower Post Work-Out

It’s time to get into the habit of showering post activity. That means a fun swim session doesn’t count as showering, sorry. This is especially important since swimming can cause bathing suits to irritate the skin, thus causing breakouts.

Also, the same applies to gym sessions. Ensure to pack an extra bag of fresh clothes and towels for after your gym workouts. While showering, use a back scrubber with a gentle body wash to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

Apply A Mask

Masks are not only for the face. You can also use masks such as the Root Science Detox Mask, which is gentle on the skin and can be used on your backside too. A bonus tip is to store it in the fridge to get a fantastic cooling effect with every use.

The mask formula is made with green clay and neem, a powerful combination for removing toxins and tackling zits. Therefore, why not include backside masks in your nighttime beauty routine too?

Opt For Breathable Fabrics

Please do yourself a favor and bid goodbye to that tight-fitting underwear that can only show its face around your house. Frankly, it is a major reason why your folliculitis might be flaring up. Therefore, turn to looser and lighter fabrics to make things more breathable down there. 

Also, when it comes to underwear, cotton is your best bet over nylon. Other fabrics apart from cotton can easily trap sweat and cause friction, consequently chaffing the skin and inflaming the hair follicle.

Make Salicylic Acid Your New Best Friend

It’s no secret that salicylic acid is a holy grail when it comes to acne-oriented issues. It’s an excellent spot treatment on the butt, especially when minimizing the bumps. This is because salicylic acid unclogs the pores and dissolves dead skin. 

Salicylic acid face washes are also great at minimizing acne scars and dark spots left behind the thighs and butt regions. While brightening the area, it also encourages the growth of new skin cells and prevents new pimples from forming. 

Get An LED Device

Honestly, this is the best investment you can make for yourself. Not only do they look cool, but they are super functional too. The LED red light is excellent at tackling several skin issues that include acne as well.

It works by penetrating the skin, massaging the area, therefore, causing deep penetration. Additionally, the light helps at reducing inflammation caused by redness and swelling and improving the overall appearance of the skin.


Check Your Diet

It’s time to assess what you put into your body. Despite no conclusive evidence for the specific foods that cause acne, there is a clear connection between how your skin is affected by the food you eat. 

This is especially true for food with high sugar or dairy content that causes an army of breakouts the following day. Therefore, skip the ice cream and turn to fruits, non-processed foods, and leafy greens to keep your breakouts away.