6 Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Getting back into the dating field is always a slightly nerve-wracking but fun process all around. The excitement of getting to know new people, having new experiences, and discovering similarities can give you butterflies all over. However, as exciting as it may be, our potential partners may vanish on us.

Now, we are not saying their disappearing acts are entirely your fault. They may have some issues, serious red flags, or perhaps felt you both were not a great match. Whatever the case, you’re moving on and hopefully learning from your previous dating experiences. 

Therefore, when it comes to dating, it’s best not to go in all green. It would help if you had the self-awareness to get the very best chances of success. So, take note of these six top dating mistakes to avoid shooting yourself in the foot and get the relationship you want. 

Being Too Available

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You need to maintain a rich and juicy lifestyle. It’s great that the guy is making an effort calling, but if he’s suggesting to meet up every other day of the week when you’ve just met, you need to learn how to say no.

Take some time and figure out if you even like them first. You don’t need to feel the need to be too available to someone just because they wish it. This means last-minute dates are a big no, and also canceling on your friends to meet him is even worse. 


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Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Without it, a ton of misunderstandings can happen. Therefore, be confident and air out what you’re looking for in a relationship, be it expectations of the other person and your intentions. 

Having these tough conversations may seem difficult initially but will save you a ton of time. Especially if you’re not on the same page, you can feel free to move on and not waste your time on something that would have never worked in the first place.

Worrying About Exclusivity And Commitment.

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‘What are we?’ is a question you need to stop asking someone way too early in the relationship. Remember, you have just met, and you’re both testing out the waters. A series of great dates over the past two weeks does not mean your exclusive. 

You need to keep in mind that they may be seeing other people too. Therefore, be kind to yourself and avoid giving yourself sleepless nights debating on exclusivity. You’ve just met, so go on dates as well and do not commit too early.

Being Too Selfish in Your Relationship

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You also need to put something on the table. Remember, a relationship is about two people. Therefore, there needs to be an effort on both sides to make it work. This is especially true for initiating dates, responding to texts, or respecting boundaries, to mention a few.

You need to keep in mind the relationship doesn’t only revolve around you. Thus, try not to be too passive about things without considering their feelings too. A relationship is best when you can manage to come together, complementing each other for the bigger picture. 

Ignoring Your Inner Voice

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Sometimes, we can be our worst enemies. Deep inside, you know the date is not going that great, there is no chemistry, or there could be some red flags. However, despite taking note of it, we tend to bury our feelings in the name of passion and being taken away by the moment. 

Don’t lie to yourself and trust your gut. Chances are, most times you’re having those thoughts, they are usually accurate. So listen to yourself and avoid wasting your time on something you know won’t work. Give your energy to something that will give results.

Looking for Perfection

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When navigating the dating field, remember no one is perfect. It would therefore be unfair to have unrealistic expectations of your date. We are not saying to settle for whatever comes your way, but be open-minded and have a negotiable list.

You may be turning down dates with exceptional qualities, such as being truthful, caring, and warm. This might be due to a lack of striking looks, height, or facial hair. Besides, if they possess excellent characteristics, the rest should not deter you from giving them a shot.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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