6 Tips To Help You Become Healthier

When you first start your journey on the road to a healthier lifestyle, it can be difficult staying motivated. Some days you’ll want to give up, and you might be doing it right before you start seeing any results, so how do you keep yourself on track?

When you start making lifestyle changes to be healthier, you’ll face countless challenges along the way. The most difficult one is staying motivated to continue on your journey to a healthier you!

And while the frustration of not seeing results gets to you, it can leave you giving up on yourself right on the precipice of change! Here are some things to remind yourself so you can stay motivated!

1. Reward Yourself


Even if it’s down to celebrating the little things, remember we all had to start somewhere! So take the time to celebrate the small things and reward yourself for your efforts.

Giving yourself positive reactions to the work you’re putting in will make you want to work out or even eat better! Over time you’ll find yourself looking forward to making better decisions because you’re receiving positive feedback.

2. Embrace The Discomfort


Leave your comfort zone because you can make zero changes from a position you’re comfortable in! Especially where your health is concerned, things like eating healthier and working out will be difficult and uncomfortable for a while!

It’s difficult to even commit to one whole change, so you can even start small and work towards a bigger goal to help yourself adjust to the change! Slow and gradual transitions can help you achieve your goals better!

3. Learn From Your Mistakes

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There are lessons to be learned throughout the whole process of becoming healthier! From the way we work out to our food choices and our sleep cycles, our decisions affect the outcome!

So if we want to get better, we need to learn from our past mistakes and try and avoid making them in the future. It’s for the interest of our own wellbeing and will help us stay on the right track!

4. Commit Everyday

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Reminding yourself why you’re making the decision and why you want to achieve the goal every day will help you stay motivated. Pump yourself up if you have to because sometimes all you need is someone to push you!

5. Build A Support System


You might find it difficult to stay committed to your goals without company, so find yourself a person to help you get committed! It can be someone who just takes you to the gym or even watches you while you work out.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of a push in the right direction to keep us on the right track. Making healthier choices in your life can be difficult when you don’t have a shoulder to lean on, especially on the days when it becomes a challenge!

6. Get Used To Change


You’ll never be rid of change; you’ll constantly have to make changes to reach your goals. For instance, you’ll start your journey using healthier oils when you cook, but eventually, you’ll need to use less oil and refrain from fried foods!

Your goal might change along the way, and that too is okay! Just remember to make the necessary adjustments to your plan so you can stay healthy. And with these tips, you can help keep yourself motivated on your journey to a healthier you!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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