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7 Romantic Expectations Created By Movies

What are traditional romantic comedies, if not stories of unrealistic love and romantic expectations? That's part of the reason we love them.

For the most part, romantic comedies are formulaic and predictable. From early, most people might have an idea of what's going on, 

Romance and affection are not unreasonable expectations in relationships, but for one to base their idea of relationships from the typical way depicted in movies, which can form false expectations.

'You Complete Me'

Movies have long perpetuated the idea that a person is made whole when they find the right person. The truth is that adult human beings are responsible for their own growth.

That's not to say that being with someone who shows you love and support isn't good, but it's just that. You have to "do the work" to be whole.

Unproductive Communication

This is the classic, "I've been hurt before" situation where the one character (clearly) has feelings for the other but waits until the very last minute to share their feelings. 

In reality, miscommunication isn't cute. When someone isn't able to express themselves in a healthy way, it can be frustrating and unproductive.

Playing 'Hard To Get'

(Yes, you Princess Leia) We've seen this many times in movies, particularly with the woman character who is pursued by a male character. Sometimes the pursued might act like she isn't feeling the character like that (even though she is) and wants them to jump through hurdles before acknowledging her feelings.

Often, in reality, healthy relationships are premised on mutual interest. Additionally, and especially for women, there's no shame in desiring a connection and communicating what you want.

True Love Always Forgives And Forget 

Love does indeed hold space for forgiveness, but this idea becomes questionable when toxic behavior is expected to be tolerated in the name of love.

When Edward (Robert Pattinson) broke into Bella's house to watch her sleep in "Twilight," that's his criminal behavior being glorified as endearing. However, this act is forgiven in the end.



The basis of the love story between Sarah and Johnathon in "Serendipity" is premised on the idea that they're destined to be together.

Now, not to say that canceling your wedding to be with a person you just met is "wrong," because if there's one thing about life, it is that you never really know what might happen. However, a study showed that people who identified with destiny beliefs about relationships were more likely to break up than people who believed that relationships are choices.