8 Fun Facts About the Kardashians

Mar 06, 2021
04:00 P.M.
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The closest thing to American royalty, everybody wants a piece of the Kardashians. And while it seems we know everything about them, there are still some facts that slip through the cracks.


The Kardashians lives have been a reality show for 20 seasons with millions of viewers for the last 14 years. Sadly, that’s all coming to an end with their final season airing on the 20th of March.

Over the last decade we’ve witnessed the ups and downs and seen the ins and outs of their world, so we’ve undoubtedly learned some crazy things about this powerhouse family. Here’s some interesting facts we learned about this famous-for-being-famous family.

1) Kendall’s Middle Name “Nicole” Is Homage To Nicole Simpson


Kris and Nicole were good friends so it stands to reason that she’s honored her friend by naming Kendall after her a year later after her death.

2) Kim Can Smell Cavities


The mom of four claims that her hidden talent is being able to smell when someone has cavities. She says it gives off a specific smell. I guess it might be possible??

3) Kris Has Black Toilet Paper


I guess normal is too boring for Kris Jenner. Kim hates it but since it matches her bathroom tiles, the momager has black toilet paper.

4) Kim Dabbled In Music


Even before she debuted in Fergie’s “M.I.L.F $” music video, Kim has been interested in the music industry. Back in 2011 she released her very own single “Jam”

5) Kourtney Is Only Kardashian With College Degree


While they may be millionaires, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters only have one college graduate among them! Kourtney has a bachelor's degree in theatre from the University of Arizona. But this may

6) Kris’ Foyer Table Features Stack Of NDA’s


Privacy is everything to the Kar-Jenner clan, even if they are willing to tell their life stories on KUWTK, which is why momager Kris has a stack of non-disclosure agreements on her foyer table with a sign that says “What we say here, what we see here, let it stay here, when we leave here.”. Anyone who enters her house has to sign one!

7) Kris Refuses To Be Called “Grandma”


She may love her grandchildren but she doesn’t love the reminder of her age. Kris insists the kids call her “Lovey” instead of grandma.

8) Kim Used To Be Kourtney’s DD

Back in the day, Kourtney wasn’t the responsible mother we see on KUWTK. In fact, she was such a wild child that Robert Kardashian Snr actually taught a 14 year old Kim to drive so that she could be Kourtney’s designated driver when they went out.