8 Reasons Dermatologists Recommend Mineral Sunscreens For Summer

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, and it becomes even more evident during summer. Everybody wants to keep their skin protected from the sun, and dermatologists know the best way how. 

The hours of skincare advice available on TikTok and other social media accounts can all agree on one thing. Everyone agrees that sunscreen is an essential product for anti-aging and skin cancer prevention. 

Although we all know to incorporate sunscreen into our daily skincare, we may not know which kind is best. As a result, we’ve collated ten reasons dermatologists recommend mineral sunscreens for summer. 

Full-Spectrum Coverage 

Dermatologists describe mineral sunscreen as a ‘broad spectrum’ as it offers UVA and UVB ray protection as a baseline. This means you will get the same amount of protection no matter which variation or brand you buy. 

Gentle For Children

As opposed to many chemical sunscreen formulas, mineral sunscreens are safe to use on children’s skin. These gentle mineral sunscreen formulas even work best for those who have sensitive skin types. 

Immediate Protection

One unfortunate aspect about chemical sunscreens is that you have to apply them long before sun exposure. Mineral sunscreens offer immediate protection, so you can apply and go on with your day immediately. 

Less Reapplication

Another excellent benefit to using mineral sunscreen is that they last longer than chemical formulas. Dermatologists note that frequent reapplication isn’t as necessary for mineral sunscreen as it lasts longer in direct sunlight. 

Application Over Makeup

Although reapplying mineral sunscreen isn’t needed as regularly as chemical formulas, it does still need touch-ups. Thankfully, many mineral sunscreen makeup formulas make this task effortless. 

No More White Cast

Many stray away from mineral sunscreen to avoid the white cast that’s become synonymous with it. Thankfully, mineral sunscreens look so much better on all skin shades these days with the options available. 

Kind On Acne

People with acne usually avoid sunscreen because it clogs pores easily and can worsen breakouts. Mineral sunscreens come in non-comedogenic formulas which avoid the issue of clogged pores. 

Less Harmful Ingredients 

Experts have identified many potentially harmful ingredients found in chemical sunscreen formulas. Only two of sixteen ingredients typically found in sunscreen are entirely safe, and those ingredients are found in mineral sunscreens. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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