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8 Ways To Be More Confident About Your Body


April 17, 2021

Your body is constantly going through a state of change. Several factors always affect it, such as a period of inactivity, intensive exercise, pregnancy, or illness. Therefore, our bodies are never the same, and that’s okay. 

We know it’s easier said than done, especially in this era of social media and Photoshop. Unrealistic body standards can leave you comparing yourself, negatively impacting your confidence, ultimately leaving you feeling insecure. 

However, remember our bodies take us through several life stages, and we need to love them more. During the good and the bad times, they are our vessels, and we should treat them that way. If you start doubting yourself, practice these eight things to feel more confident.

Find What You Love And Practice It

Get up and get moving. Find an exercise you enjoy and start practicing it. However, the goal is not to be more lean or strong but to get movement into your day. Not only do you need to feel good about the outside but the inside too. 

Besides, studies have revealed those who engage in exercise are more positive about their self-image. However, when you begin, start at your own pace. There is no need to jump in challenging the instructor as well. Take it slow, have fun and turn it into an enjoyable routine.

Give Your Social Media A Refresh

Have a look at your phone and assess the social media accounts you follow. Triggering content does nothing for your confidence, and you need to remove it from your life. From the accounts that instilled some self-doubt or made you feel bad about yourself, purge them from your feed. 

There's no need to feel bad about doing so or even explain yourself to anyone. It’s about putting yourself first and focusing on what you need. Also, make a habit of unfollowing certain accounts when you find their content triggering. Try following more body-positive accounts for an uplifting feed. 

Invest In Yourself

You need to invest in yourself first before anything else. By practicing this, you remind yourself that you are worthy of pleasure and all the good things life has to offer. However, to be clear, practicing self-care doesn’t always need to be monetary.

But if you would like to purchase things to make you feel good, the investment shouldn’t break the bank. Little things such as getting a pair of jeans with a fantastic fit or investing in essential oils for your nighttime routine count too.

Walk Tall

The way you walk matters. It easily communicates to people if you’re feeling confident about yourself or not. Hunching your back is not a good look, and there is a reason why your mom insisted on standing tall when you were growing up.

It doesn’t hurt to take a refresher course, so heed her advice and be conscious about how you walk. Stand tall, roll your shoulders back, and hold your head high. Doing this will make you look super confident and not like someone people would like to mess with.

Have A Self Love Mantra

How you talk to yourself matters. Don’t be that friend that always gives fantastic advice that you fail to practice in your own life. If there is no match between what you’re telling others versus what you’re practicing, you’re setting yourself up for internal conflict. 

Show up for yourself by practicing the art of self-compassion. Do this by paying attention to the internal dialogue you have by giving yourself the same advice. Come up with self-love mantras that will come in handy every time your inner bully brings you down.

Look At The Mirror Differently

You need to come to terms with the person you see in the mirror. As difficult as it sounds, it is essential to change how your brain thinks about your image and reflection by shedding a positive light on it. Start to look at yourself in the mirror with appreciation instead.

Learn to do this by making it a fun activity. A body image expert recommends blowing a kiss and smiling every time you walk by a mirror. This goofy act will make you feel acknowledged and loved boosting your mood. Why not put positive notes on the mirror while you’re at it.  

Don’t Pay Attention To Size


It’s about the fit of the clothes, not the size. Therefore, be kind to yourself and stop going shopping and purchasing ill-fitting clothes. Besides, having to squeeze into sizes way smaller than your actual size will make you feel bad as well as a terrible investment.

Get the right size for you now. Keep in mind people will not be looking at the size of the clothes but at you instead. Thus, get what makes you feel good, has a fantastic fit, and makes you feel confident as a result.

Be Grateful

It’s time to stop focusing on all the wrong things. It’s easy to get wrapped up in unfavorable self-talk about your image that you fail to notice what good there is. Therefore, if you’re in that situation, first stop, breathe, and begin to list some of the things you’re grateful for.

By practicing gratitude, you will begin to be more appreciative, taking better care of things you have, including your body. In fact, studies have revealed those who practice gratitude engage in healthy habits, making them feel better about themselves overall.