8 Wedding Shoe Hacks

Jun 20, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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High heels kind of suck. No, seriously. Think back to any formal event you've had in the past where you opted to wear heels. Remember how it was fine for the first few minutes, and then, gradually, you wished you had worn sneakers, fashion be damned.


Your wedding might be one of those days. You don't have to wear heels, but you probably will. Instead of 'bearing it,' there are a few wedding shoe hacks that can leave you anticipating your first dance with your spouse rather than dreading it.

Besides, you need to be comfortable rather than just elegant. And yes, this is possible with heels. Therefore, scroll below for tried and true hacks you should keep close so you can rock your wedding shoes in style and not pain.

Break-in The Heels


Rule one of wearing heels for an extended period? You're going to have to break them in. Higher heeled shoes that have been slightly worn will provide you with better movement than a pair still sitting on your shoe rack.

A week before your big day, walk around in your preferred shoes for 30 minutes. As a result, no tears on the processional. At least not tears of pain.

Lubricate Straps With Deodorant


Imagine you purchased a cute pair of heels. However, now your primary problem is that the strap has allied with evil to work against you. If your strap uncomfortably rubs on your skin, moisten the irritated skin with deodorant. This way, you'll have effectively created a barrier between your feet and the offending straps.

Purchase Inserts


Inserts are the best investment you can make towards your comfort, especially in wedding heels. For whatever concern you have, there is a cushioned insert in every size available.

The best way to choose one is going for a gel or full insole that supports the length of your foot. However, if you are searching for a more targeted insole, you can get pads for the foot's arch, toe, or ball.

Line Shoes With Plush Fabric


This is, and the insole tricks will be the heel hack you'll never let go off. To minimize friction, work with your cobbler to include lining the interior of your shoes with thin but plush fabric. A culprit that needs this treatment is strapped. However, the material can be added to a more restrictive design with a moleskin or a moleskin equivalent.

Increase Width With Heat


Before you break in your shoes you a great tip is to warm them up. Use a heat source like a radiator or a hairdryer but don't place your shoes too close to burn them. The heat will increase the flexibility of the fabric allowing your shoe to mold to the contours of your feet when cool. This way, when you slip them on later, you'll be able to move and fit in them more comfortably.

Buy Heels That Are Slightly Large


This tip is like a red carpet secret. Securing room in your chosen heels of the day will give your toes a little more space, and who doesn't want space? Choose a size up or half a size up. Make sure you test them before purchase, as you don't want too much space to make movement worse.

Go For The Block


Please don't hate us, but you know that this is true at the back of your mind. Stilettos are pain inducers. However, you can still get the length of a stiletto without the pain by opting for a block or platform heel.

Wider heels can support more bodyweight even under all that tulle. Therefore, you'll get less pressure on the balls of your feet. Therefore you guarantee a lot more stability when walking, dancing, or standing on your big day.

Invest in Leather


Not everyone has the finances to splurge on weddings, but perhaps you want to start saving up for genuine leather shoes if you plan early enough. It costs more than a faux leather option, which is still cute, but the difference is undeniable.

Faux leather is nearly plastic, so the chances of it breathing on your big day are close to none. In fact, your feet might sweat more or hurt more. Leather gets more comfortable over time; it molds to your foot naturally and lasts longer, so you can wear them past the big day and for years to come.