A Collection Of Eye Catching Traditional Clothing From Around The World

Clothing has so many purposes beyond covering us up and keeping us warm. Some garments hold specific meanings and symbolisms in certain instances, including cultural contexts. 

Traditional attire is a concept that is shared amongst numerous cultures globally. Although most humans have a specific way of dressing in modern contexts, some scenarios require traditional dress. 

It is essential to expose yourself to the different meanings and purposes of cultural garments around the world. Take a look through the collection of traditional attire that we think is interesting to gain knowledge on. 


Indian women often wear these colorful silk drapes as functional everyday garments or as unique heirlooms. 


Kimonos are more than just an outerwear style; they are also significant cultural Japanese dress. 


Indonesian women may be the world’s most chic population with this stylishly tailored traditional attire. 


Different colors and designs of this Korean garment can reveal a lot about women’s social and marital status. 


Lookout Harry Styles, the Scottish men wore skirts first, and it looks like they wore it best. 


This bold colored East African ‘blanket’ puts all of our scarves and shawls to shame. 


West African men sure know how to make silky embroidered robes look dapper. 

Bamileke Elephant Mask 

Don’t even think about wearing this Cameroonian symbol of power and wealth as a Halloween costume. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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