A Complete Guide To Liquid Highlight

Feb 28, 2021
10:13 A.M.
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The highlighter is one product even the great makeup artists swear by. It is a product that highlights certain areas of the face and makes them pop. It gives you a healthy glow, makes you shine, and gives your makeup an extra look.


A highlighter is used in makeup to emphasize different parts of the face, which gives the skin a more well-groomed, restful, and radiant appearance. This effect is achieved due to light-reflecting particles in the product, which, when placed on the skin, give it a natural glow and an inviting sparkle.

It allows us to identify and focus on certain curves of the face and make it visually younger. Highlighter is a product that can be used to highlight the cheekbones, back of the nose, under your brows, the central part of the forehead, the area above the lip, the chin, and more.

Who Needs To Use A Highlighter


Highlighters are used by those who love a glowy complexion and those who like the “I just got back from vacation” kind of look. It is also for those who do not like make-up but want a healthy glow on their natural face.

“You should tailor your highlighter to your complexion. As a general rule of thumb, use the Ice shade for fair skin, Golden for medium, and Rose or Golden for darker skin tones.”

Sir John Barnett, celebrity makeup artist

Finally, for those who don't like to own many products, the highlighter serves as an all-in-one product. It can also be used as an eyeshadow, powder, and even blush. When used sparingly, it can be worn daily to illuminate a dull complexion.

Choosing The Right One


There is a wide range of highlighters available for you to choose from. Choose one according to your needs. Depending on your skin type, the highlighter you select will be different. Consult the makeup artist to guide you when in doubt.

For normal to dry skin, choose a liquid highlighter for a glowy look. For combination skin with an oily tendency, the powder highlighter is ideal if you want long-lasting makeup. If you have a complexion with cool undertones (pink, red, or blue), choose a rosy highlighter. If you have a complexion with warm undertones (orange, yellow), choose a golden highlighter.

How To Apply Your Liquid Highlighter


Add a bit of highlighter to the tip of your finger and dab on your cheekbones. Gently dab the highlighter from your temples, down along your cheekbones, finishing just above the apples of your cheeks. Wash off the excess and blend with your makeup sponge or use your fingers to blend in the highlighter.

When using your sponge, be sure to use it damp to help work in the products better. Repeat the steps if needed to add more layers for an intense glow. Once you’re happy with the level of intensity of your highlighter, then you’re good to go.