A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing A Cat

The pandemic saw an uptick of pet parents crop up all over the country due to lockdown measures. Many people found themselves at home, bored or out of a job, or even living alone with no one to talk to.

A survey from TD Ameritrade found that 33% of Americans considered adopting pets due to social distancing norms. Moreover, the NSALA saw an uptick in adoptions, usually seen when children close school for the holidays.

Therefore, if you have been considering a pet, you join thousands of people all over the country wishing for a furry companion. If you have settled on a cat as a pet, here are five things you need to consider before getting one.

Choose Your Type of Cat

Your furry friend has to match your lifestyle. Thus, you must keep your personality in mind. If you prefer a sedentary cat or an active one, you must consider their breed and age. For instance, a kitten may be more playful than an older cat.

Furthermore, open your mind to any type of species. If you adopt a cat, you might find yourself rescuing a life. It might even be a different pet from what you had previously hoped for, but it might be a match made in heaven.

What Responsibilities Are Involved With A Cat

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Congratulations, you now have a cat. Now, what? Did you consider all the responsibilities involved? Cat’s, or any pet for that matter, are like new family members. They have needs and wants as well. 

These furry friends need litter boxes. They must be in public and around the room in your house. Moreover, cats need water, running water. Thus a cat fountain may be a good idea. Also, cats love wet food, so you should stock some.

How To Prepare Your Home For A Cat

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Cats are curious animals, so make sure to make it comfortable for them to explore. Besides, you will be getting out of the house and leaving them behind; thus, they need the entertainment to avoid falling into boredom.

Make sure to place some toys, food puzzles, and even hidey-hole for your little friend around the home to provide some mental stimulation. Also, keep away any toxic plants or medicines from within your cat’s reach. 

How To Keep Your Cat Happy

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Cats are notorious for keeping their health concerns from others. Keep an eye out for changes in behavior. These would be not playing as they used to, not eating as they usually do, for these are signs and symptoms of illness. 

A happy cat will be playing around having a good time. Another way to keep your cat happy is to keep them safe. Give them a collar ID and if you can, microchip them. Moreso, it is recommended to keep them indoors to keep them away from disease.

How to Handle Cat Messes

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Cats are very clean animals, but they do shed. It is essential to clean up the shedding by brushing them daily. Moreover, get scratching posts, or else you will have a lot of scratched furniture. We are sure you want to keep your furniture safe.

Cats also release pheromones when they scratch. This marks the animal territory. Additionally, vertical and horizontal posts will provide some variety. Also, keep up to date with their grooming and clip their nails every six weeks.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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