Exploring The Pros & Cons Of Getting A Pet During Lockdown

Feb 19, 2021
08:22 A.M.
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We’ve all been through a stage of begging our parents for a puppy and while they explain the responsibility. Now that we’re adults, we get any pet we want, but they all come at a price.


Pets are cuddly, they always need your attention, and they make great company. These are all reasons why getting a pet seems like a fantastic idea for those who are lonely during the lockdown.

Unfortunately, we must accept that pets come with a whole lot of responsibility that lasts for years. Getting a pet needs preparation, so we’ve gathered the pros and cons of getting a pet during lockdown for you.

Pandemic Puppy

Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash

Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash


You may have heard of the emotional support animal before, and now there are pandemic puppies. Humans have used animals for various stress and anxiety-related conditions, which are more common during the pandemic.

Many people who live alone or others who are just feeling down due to cabin fever consider getting pets. These furry friends seem like the best idea to invest in while people are stuck at home most of the day.

Photo by Joe Cleary on Unsplash

Photo by Joe Cleary on Unsplash

Numerous people became pet parents over the pandemic after years of planning since the timing seemed right. Logically, it is an excellent time since everyone’s available to potty train and help with settling in 24/7.


Ideally, getting a pandemic puppy would be a seamless experience with enough research and work. Although getting this pet has been successful for some, others realized that the pets made them more anxious.

The Pros

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

As mentioned before, the lockdown times are perfect for raising an animal that needs tons of attention. People are at home more, which gives them more time for bonding and training their new animals.


Most people have unknowingly been suffering from touch deprivation since the pandemic started. Pet owner Emily Swope shares her positive experiences from being able to scratch her nine-year-old dog.

Photo by Lydia Torrey on Unsplash

Photo by Lydia Torrey on Unsplash

“I go over and scratch his ears a little bit and pet his belly, and that moment of having that pleasure, you automatically smile because they give you joy,”

Says Emily Swope

Swope is not the only pet owner who will feel better after touching their pet. Australian researchers also recently revealed that being around pets improved the well-being of people who live in isolation.


The Cons

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Although being at home gives you more time with your new pet, it also means you’ll be busier than ever. Some people have ended up more anxious than before after adopting a new pet that needs constant vigilance.

The other issue that shelters are worried about is the possibility of people abandoning their animals. Most people want pets because they are lonely right now but don’t realize that it is a lifelong commitment.


Photo by Farzan Lelinwalla on Unsplash

Photo by Farzan Lelinwalla on Unsplash

“It would be great if lots of shelter animals found loving forever homes now. But it’s crucial for people to consider carefully if they can provide and care for a pet for the rest of its life, and not only for company during a tough time.”

Says Sarah Ross, Companion Animal Expert at FOUR PAWS

Pets also require a lot of financial investment, and these uncertain times could be badly affected by that. All in all, it is essential to remember that every pet, no matter how big or small, needs ample preparation and sacrifice.

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