A Comprehensive Guide To Crystal Botany

Apr 07, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Gardening with gemstones? Learn how to use the power of healing crystals in your garden and give your plants and your home a healthy boost.

Crystal Botany is the new wellness trend, so we got curious. Before diving into the concept, let's first understand the benefits of indoor plants and healing crystals.

Having plants at home can help to clean and purify the air from toxic chemicals. On the other hand, crystals are powerful healing tools that can neutralize negative energy and create a nurtured environment. What about combining both?

"Caring for plants is not only a soothing hobby but adding some greenery to your home is a great way to boost energy levels - and some clever consumers are now going further by adding amplifying the healing powers of their plants with crystals in them too."

Nathan Raab, MD of crystal and plant brand Pointless Plants to Glamour

Nathan recommends some combinations to enhance the power of crystal botanic at your home. To spread healing, combine aloe vera with rose quartz.

"Both plants and crystals are organic elements which bring energy into the home - though they both do it in different ways. Plants bring their energy out of the earth, whilst crystals vibrate and self-generate."

Nathan Raab, MD of crystal and plant brand Pointless Plants to Glamour

If you want to bring balance and alignment into your home, try combining green calcite crystal and succulents plants.

Both succulents and green calcite are used to cleanse chakras, so they both have calming properties and help create a relaxing environment.

To reduce stress and anxiety, Nathan recommends mixing amethysts and string of pearls plants. The string of pearls is a quite sensitive plant, so they can easily show if they need to be watered or are under imbalanced energy.

Amethysts, on the other hand, are powerful crystals capable to help relieve anxiety and stress. This will help to counteract any stress you might be suffering from.

Do you want to attract love into your life? Orchids and rose quartz are the perfect combinations to enhance your love manifestation.

Orchids are robust plants, often associated with virility and fertility. Rose quartz is known to be the unconditional love stone that strengthens relationships.

Whatever combination of plants and crystals you decide to bring to your home, you'll definitely benefit from them and reap the calming and relaxing benefits and energy boost they bring to us.

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