A Comprehensive Guide To Ear Piercings For Beginners

Feb 21, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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50 years ago piercings were reserved for punks, hippies, and rock stars. These days anyone brave enough to be pierced can be adorned in studs.


While piercings have been a common practice for centuries, the idea was often shunned by the more conservative, and rarely would people be seen with more than one piercing on each lobe. Thankfully, with time that has changed. Now piercings are quite the fashion statement.

The process can be quite daunting to go through with but as someone with 10 piercings, I can guarantee that the hassle is totally worth the dazzle. Deciding which piercing you want is often the most difficult decision to make which is why we’ve created a guide to some of the trendiest piercings you can get.



This dainty piercing is a perfect way to adorn the usually overlooked piece of cartilage that covers the ear canal. Since it’s a cartilage piercing, expect to feel some pain when it’s pierced.



Situated on the upper ear cartilage, this piercing is painfully beautiful. Cartilage piercings take a bit more time to heal but they look super cool.



A bar going through the anti-helix and helix, this piercing screams “edgy”. It’s a cartilage piercing so you can expect it to be painful and take some time to heal but the street cred is definitely worth a little bit of pain.



Said to be more painful than the tragus piercing, this adorable piercing is situated on the bit of cartilage above your lobe and opposite from your tragus. It may be painful but it looks dope in pictures.

Outer Conch


Found in the dip between the anti-helix and helix, the outer conch piercing is painful but quite stunning since it can be adorned in a chunky, fancy earring or a simple small stud. Undoubtedly a painful choice but a trendy one nonetheless.

Stacked Lobe

Two is better than one. While a single lobe piercing is quite common, stacking piercings on your lobe can make the relatively painless piercing appear quite trendy.