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Most Popular Piercings In The USA


August 08, 2020

Trends change almost daily, but piercings have remained popular for centuries. The only thing that changed is the different places where people prefer piercings. Your body is a canvas, and piercing is another way to decorate it.

The pressure to keep up with fashion is real. You don't want to look disgusted when your young friend shows you her septum. Getting a piercing is a personal choice, no pain, no gain.

Whether you saw an Instagram page of piercings and tattoos or you always wanted a piercing but were waiting to get out of your parents' roof to get one, the reasons to pierce a tiny hole in your body can be endless. Piercing might also be your way of expressing love, just like tattoos. 

With an infinite sea of jewelry to choose from, it's hard to resist piercings. Here are some of the most popular piercings in the USA:

1. Nose piercing

Nose piercing is one of the majorly popular piercings in the USA currently. Whether you're getting your cartilage pierced or the septum, they suit everyone and look lovely! Nose piercings hurt less than most other piercings and heal quickly with proper care.

About 15% of pierced people have a nose piercing. The nose is a prime part of your face, and getting a piercing here is very appealing and strikingly beautiful. 

2. Navel piercing

Channel your inner 80s diva by getting a navel piercing. Navel piercing is particularly popular with the younger generation. Not only does it look sexy and cool, this one is considered one of the least painful piercings to get.

About 33% of piercings are belly-button piercings. Sporting a crop top with a navel piercing reportedly makes you a thousand times alluring.

3. Ear piercing

Ear piercing is not just limited to getting the earlobe. From cartilage piercing to helix and tragus, ear piercings have a wide range. Some even have medical benefits too. 

An increase in daith ear piercings was observed after they showed benefits to those suffering from migraine headaches. Overall, 13% of women with piercings had ear piercings (non-lobe).

4. Tongue piercing

Mostly popular among guys, this one is preferred by people for various reasons. It looks exceptionally erotic and sexy, and the most common goal observed for getting a tongue piercing is sexual gratification.

16% of piercings among men are tongue piercings, while only 9% of women get their tongues pierced. Tongue piercing will put you on a liquid diet and make you lisp for a couple of days after getting it, but usually, it heals quickly.


5. Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is equally popular among men and women. While some predict it makes your nipples more sensitive, some say it numbs them. 

The most erotic type of piercing has catered to about 18% of men and even more women. These piercings probably take the most time to heal. The healing might last for three months to one year.