A Comprehensive Guide To Eye Contouring

Visible like the nose, dark circles and bags under the eyes often betray us when we wake up. Many factors can favor their appearance. Whatever the origin of dark circles, they are all the result of poor blood circulation. Blood vessels that do not circulate properly lead to a buildup of blood pigments in the skin.

As a result, dark circles appear. Apart from heredity, which you cannot avoid, age is a favorable factor for the appearance of dark circles. Therefore, adopting helpful precautions and specific cream products for the eye contour is necessary to protect better what is one of the most delicate areas of our body. 

Another significant cause of dark circles: a sometimes stressful lifestyle, sleepless nights, fatigue, low morale at certain times of the year, and excessive consumption of stimulants and tobacco.


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This is the first step to achieve a decent eye contour without your eyes betraying your tiredness. It is essential to make sure you have entirely removed all makeup from the eyes since the residues can subject the eye to continuous stress. An easy way to avoid this is to use oily makeup removers, which remove even the most stubborn makeup faster.

Also, you have to be careful not to use so much product. You put yourself at the risk of unnecessary irritation if it accidentally ends up inside the eye. It is much better to wet the cotton pad with a bit of makeup remover, let it act for a minute over the eye, and then remove the makeup that has dissolved so smoothly.


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Even when you moisturize the skin, you have to be careful, especially if the affected area is the delicate one around the eyes. To avoid finding yourself with a tired and heavy look, always remember not to use excess eye contour cream, especially in the evening.

Also, when you apply it before going to sleep, keep away from the eyelids. At night, since the eyelids do not move as during the day, the cream tends to reside in this area, causing swelling the following day.


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If you have no particular problems, just use a simple concealer to be applied both below and above the eye to hide any capillaries, which tend to become more evident in these situations. Instead, to cover imperfections, such as noticeable dark circles, preferably use colored correctors.


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Your look is undoubtedly the part to take care of the most, but don’t forget the face base! This, too, plays a vital role. For example, it could help a lot to use an illuminating foundation to give more vitality to the skin and consequently to the whole face.


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Avoid matte eyeshadows. In these cases, it is much better to use pearly colors that brighten the look, preferably in cream. Adopting the right colors, effects, and textures is essential to complete a suitable makeup for tired eyes.


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The role of mascara is also not to be underestimated. Curl your lashes with the special eyelash curler and then apply a curling mascara: this way, you open your eyes, and your eyes will automatically appear less tired.

Use A Primer

The primer holds the eye shadow pigments in place and prevents the pigments from creasing. If you skip this step, the colors might not stay long, and your eyes might end up looking all messed up.

Wear Red Lipstick

If possible, opt for a slightly orange-red. This shade will energize your face and attract attention. Whether you are a fan of the nude trend, or on the contrary, closer to the unicorn aesthetic, you have to be very careful with extremely light lipsticks, especially for pale skin.

Make Your Eyelids Shine

By highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, you enhance the reflective properties of eyes. Also, you could apply a layer of Vaseline on the lids before putting on a layer of mascara. This will create a dewy and mild look.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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