A Comprehensive Guide To Facial Massage & Its Benefits

Skincare has received a renewed focus since last year’s events that required us to stay at home. People are a little less concerned about their makeup and have shifted to various skincare practices. 

There are different oils, serums, and acids that most of us have learned about over the past year. Skincare is becoming more complex for everyone as we try new things like facial yoga and skin tools. 

Most of us have become aware that the face is affected by the way it moves every day. As a result, we’ve learned that our faces can benefit from a good, old fashioned massage. Read below to explore more. 

Types Of Facial Massages And Their Benefits

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Although you may have a broad idea of what a facial massage would look like, they are not all the same. Different facial massages have various benefits as they use varying techniques that target specific points. 

Types of facial massages include lymphatic drainage, reflexology, shiatsu, gua sha, Swedish and more. Techniques vary from cupping, tapping, knuckle kneading, vibrations, pinching, and even folding.

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Studies have shown that these techniques benefit the skin in several ways. Facial massages work for aesthetic purposes such as smoothing wrinkles, reducing acne’s appearance, and illuminating skin. 

There are also some health-related benefits to facial massages. Some facial massage techniques can relieve sinus pressure and aid those with symptoms from temporomandibular joint conditions like lockjaw. 

Trying Facial Massages At Home

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Since there are many techniques for facial massages, it may seem intimidating to try one at home. Fortunately, it can be easy to give yourself a facial massage if you follow a few simple steps. 

Dermatologists recommend that you prep your skin and clean your hands before touching your face. Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York-based dermatologist, also suggests steaming your face first. 

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“wash your hands in warm water with an antibacterial soap and tie back your hair,”

says Dr. Debra Jaliman

Women on the go can massage their faces while they apply cleanser or moisturizer to save time. You need to use oil-based products and serums targeted at your skin type during the massage for the best results. 

What Tools And Techniques You Can Use

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Our hands are some of the best tools for facial massages, but there are some tools out there as well. Facial rollers contour the face temporarily by draining fluid, and the gua sha tool helps smooth and lift the skin. 

The tools are usually used in an upwards motion over a skin doused in serum or any other oil product. Experts recommend that you start from the neck and move your way upwards and be gentle around the eyes. 


Using your fingers also requires upward motions to avoid sagging skin. Your fingertips should slide across your face from the product, starting from the brows and forehead, to the cheeks and ears, then the jawline and neck. 

To make this massage more relaxing, you should consider setting the atmosphere in your bathroom. Light a lavender candle, put on some soothing music, and enjoy the process, so it’s easier to maintain. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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