A Comprehensive Guide To Finger Waves

Oct 29, 2020
11:53 A.M.
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A hairstyle for the ages. A timeless classic. Finger waves are back like they never left. Over the years, our favorites have rocked this sleek look, and we fall deeper for it every time.


This hairstyle was popular in the 20s. The fictional character and quintessential flapper, Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby and extraordinary performer Josephine Baker, are two prominent faces who sported this sleek look.

Finger waves can be particularly outstanding if you’ve got plans. Try them out to the New Year’s Eve party or a night out on the town. Best of all, with a bit of practice, you execute them yourself.

You Are Going To Need

Before you jump into it, you want to make sure that you have a few items. Most of these relatively easy to acquire, and you probably already have them in your home.


Get your mousse, a small-tooth rat-tail comb, and styling strips. A hooded dryer is optional for this style though recommended to prevent frizz.

1. Start With Clean Hair


Make sure that you have washed your hair with shampoo followed by conditioner. Squeaky clean hair will ensure that your strands will be easier manipulated into the desired S-shapes.

Not washing your hair first can make it difficult for your hair to hold shape. This will result in finger waves with no definition.

2. Get Your Mousse


This step is crucial to ensure a good result. Get the mousse all up in your hair. Be liberal with it because the secret to the sleekness lies here.

You want to make sure that your hair has got a good slip to it, so when you are forming your waves, you don’t have any snagging and tangling.

3. Mold Your Hair


Using your fine-toothed comb and your fingers, mold your hair into S-shaped waves.

As a tip, you could also use some gel before you mold your hair for extra hold. This, however, doesn’t work for everyone.

4. Set


Setting your hair is the defining step to prevent a frizzy hairstyle. Air dry your hair using the styling strips and layering them with a silk scarf for security.

Alternatively, you could use a hooded dryer. The time it will take for your hair to set completely will vary on the length and thickness of your hair.