A Comprehensive Guide To Reverse Balayage

Dec 31, 2020
03:02 A.M.
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Every cool girl has been getting a balayage for several years now. It's time to adapt this popular hair trend with something similar, but edgier and darker, which is the reverse balayage.


Balayage has been the hair trend of the moment for several years now. Although more women are moving towards solid hair colors now, balayage is still popular and has several variations to its name.

The reverse balayage trend is the hottest new hairstyle that colorists have had to keep up with. Take a look at what the reverse balayage is and what it takes to achieve this trendy unique hair color style.

What Is Reverse Balayage?


Reverse balayage is a hair color technique that most women turn to when they want to go darker. This hair technique consists of adding depth back into your hair's roots, making highlights pop even more.

Hair colorists love this technique for clients because it is low maintenance and easily reversible. Experts use the traditional 'painting' technique of balayage to darken their client's hair's roots, achieving a reverse balayage.


"Reverse balayage is basically a good, low-commitment way to change things up for the season without, you know, doing something irreversible because you can always easily change it back."

Says Celebrity Colorist Mark DeBolt

Reverse balayage makes highlighted hair look more lived in and natural. This look is brilliant instead of having dark hair highlighted as this version offers a more sunkissed outcome with depth and dimension.

Balayage Vs Reverse Balayage


Both of these coloring techniques use the same freehand painting practice on hair. The difference between the two styles is all in the lowlights and highlights and which tone receives coloring.

We all know that balayage focuses on creating sunkissed and highlighted hair using lighter tones. Reverse balayage focuses on the opposite: the lowlights, depth, and dimension in hair tone.

Additional Information About The Reverse Balayage


If you get a reverse balayage hair color treatment, you do not have to worry about maintenance for a while. Regrowth blends in with the reverse balayage color, making the need for touch ups minimal.

Even though it's low maintenance, stylists recommend the use of color-safe shampoos and hair masks. Another benefit to this hair trend is that it is suitable for all hair textures, hair types, and skin tones.


Like any other salon treatment, one needs to be prepared for the outcome of what they've requested. There are no downsides to getting a reverse balayage, but it is excellent to be ready for a darker look.

You should visit a professional hairstylist to achieve this look, which will cost you around $150-$500. Although you may not see a hair colorist now, we hope this inspires you later this winter.

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