A Comprehensive Guide To Styling Your Coffee Table

Mar 03, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Your coffee table is looking a lot less like the Pinterest board you dreamed of and more of the coffee fiend you know you are. A coffee table styling is essential because anything placed in the center of a room means our eyes are automatically drawn to it.


Therefore, styling a coffee table is important. If not, all attention will be on the messy stains, magazines, and random trinkets it now houses. Consequently, your coffee table will break up the flow of your aesthetic. Simply put, it’s a major eyesore.

Thus, it's now time to make a change and transform your table to its highest potential. Wondering where to begin? Look no further than items you may already have in your house. Ready? Elevate your space like a pro with these five easy tips.

Stack A Set Of Books


First, raid your bookshelf to get started. Use books with bright colored covers to incorporate color into your space and brighten up your living room. Aside from a great styling tip, trust us when we say it comes in handy when dealing with awkward silences in your living room.

Make things more interesting by leaving a book open, which will make the display more captivating. Also, include trinkets or other smaller items such as candles. However, don't get carried away. Ensure you can still see your coffee table.

Don’t Forget Your Flowers


Pick out your favorite flowers for a gorgeous arrangement on your coffee table. No matter the size of your table, fresh flowers will instantly breathe freshness into the room. However, please note that a sturdy vase will prevent tiny accidents.

Let the flowers take center stage by placing them on a stack of books. Take this time to be experimental and try out different textures with in-season flowers. At your next dinner party, the arrangement will be the marvel of all your guests.

Use A Tray


We understand many people still think of trays as traditional items. However, put aside ideas of Grandma’s tea as they easily bring much-needed organization to the coffee table with a stylish spin. The right tray will easily bring your items together in an elegant and unified way.

A bonus? You can still use the tray when entertaining to serve food and drinks. If the minimalist style works for you, use a white tray against a white coffee table to enhance the look. Still not sold? Swap a tray for a mirror instead for more visual appeal.

Don’t Go Overboard


As exciting as it may be to temporarily become your own interior decorator, try not to go overboard. Creating balance is the most important part of creating your coffee table display. Easily achieved this by ensuring there is symmetry.

Achieve symmetry by using the thumb rule of three. Keep the middle object as the main focus by using smaller-sized items on either side. Great complimentary items would be candlesticks, decorative sculptures, or small book piles.

Style Top And Bottom


If you have a two-tiered coffee table, you need to create balance. Just because you’ve gone all out on your top table display, doesn’t mean you should forget the bottom. It would only result in an unbalanced display lacking composition and scale.

If you feel like you’re too tired to start decorating the bottom section again, we have good news for you. Keep the bottom simple, only using a few decorative items. Also, you can even Incorporate throw pillows while ensuring the style is similar to the top section.