A Comprehensive Guide To Tantric Sex

There are many ways to become more connected to your partner, and tantric sex is one of them. Tantra is an ancient Eastern practice that focuses on spiritual connection and is regularly used for intimacy. 

Relationships between romantic sexual partners are constantly evolving, and everyone involved must put in the effort. So, often partners suffer a disconnect, but thankfully there are many options to bring people back together. 

However, there are many who are doing just okay and still want to work on becoming more connected. Tantric sex is a practice that can assist couples on both ends of the spectrum; read more to explore. 

What Is Tantra?

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Tantra is an ancient Indian practice that is typically associated with sex but focuses on connection. In Sanskrit, the word tantra means ‘to weave’ and has been adopted by people who practice Buddhist and Hindu meditation. 

Those who practice explain that tantra is about enlightenment, which in turn allows you to learn more about your body. Once you have the conscious connection within yourself, you can then forge one between your partner. 

A Look Into Tantric Sex

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Tantra combines spirituality and sexuality to emphasize the significance of intimacy during sex further. As a result, this sexual practice does not completely focus on reaching an orgasm but instead focuses on intimate connections. 

Consequently, tantric sex requires a much more patient approach to sexual intimacy and pleasure. Those who practice tantra find that they are more in tune with their body’s needs and their partner’s physical needs. 

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“The result of tantric practice is the creation of close bonds with one’s partner, greater awareness of one’s body, and the development of skills such as mindfulness, restraint, and communication.”

Says Licensed Social Worker and Sex Therapist Stefani Goerlich

The mindful and meditative nature of tantric sex has also proven to help ease anxiety around sexual experiences. Tantric sex encourages people to be present in the experience instead of focusing on their performance. 

How To Practice Tantric Sex

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It is essential to acknowledge the origins of tantric sex before practicing it, so there are a few ways to prepare. First, you should learn about the practice’s history and cultural significance to honor the practice appropriately. 

Then, you should start practicing mindfulness through meditation or yoga to start connecting to your body and senses. Once you feel comfortable with your knowledge and mindfulness, you can create a safe space to explore. 

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When practicing tantric sex, many experts encourage keeping five things in mind. These include focusing on breathing techniques, eye contact, slowing down, engaging all of your senses, and incorporating massage. 

The above elements help heighten the deep connection that is encouraged by tantra. Those who are just starting can incorporate this practice with other forms of intimacy, such as cuddling, to make the transition easier.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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