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A Comprehensive Guide To Waist Trainers


April 16, 2021

Having the corset as its ancestor has to leave you wondering how effective a waist trainer is. Is it just holding that excess skin, or is it helping you define your shape and give you an hourglass figure?

The name waist trainers' reason is that they're supposed to help you define your waist and train you to have the hourglass figure. But it takes a lot of commitment to the trainer to see results.

It boomed on social media platforms in recent years, and everyone's using them, but we know that we can't blindly trust the media to give us things that are beneficial to us. Are they safe?

Are There Benefits?

Some of the supposed benefits include an hourglass figure. While the media and celebrities try to push this onto us, there's no way that wearing a trainer for a short while is going to leave a lasting impression on your body.

Your body shape can change because it's trying to fit inside the trainer, but if you stop wearing the trainer, your body will likely resort back to its own shape. Regardless of what you trained it to look like.

You can lose weight using a waist trainer, but that's because it compresses your stomach, making you feel full. So your appetite might decrease, but you might be keeping yourself from all the nutrients you need in your body.

It can give you good posture, but it might make your muscles dependent on it. Eventually, when you take off the trainer and try to stand without it, you might find you have bad posture and back pain because your body relies on it for support.

Is It Dangerous For My Health?

Many use a waist trainer to lose weight and shape their waist, and to achieve the optimal results, as they did with corsets, they make the waist trainers really tight! It helps define your shape more, but it can lead to problems.

Breathing problems are common as they were with corsets tied too tight, and the trainer leaves you gasping for air because your lung capacity is reduced. That means you can't take in as much oxygen, which means you could pass out.

Your lungs may even become inflamed because of fluid buildup, leading to further breathing problems that deprive your body of the oxygen it needs. Without oxygen, the lymphatic system can become burdened with toxins.

Waist trainers put pressure on your internal organs like your stomach, intestines, and esophagus. You could experience horrible heartburn from the pressure on those internal organs, which can make sleeping difficult.


The pressure also affects your blood flow. Organs like your kidneys and liver need sufficient blood flow to filter out toxins from your body; without adequate blood flow, those organs can fail to do their jobs.

Working out with a waist trainer can be dangerous; with reduced oxygen capacity in your lungs, this can put you in danger of passing out and getting hurt. It can also put immense pressure and strain on the muscles of your abdomen.

Without enough evidence to prove that they actually work, waist trainers should not be your weight loss technique choice because there are alternatives to healthy weight loss. It can help cover up the fat and shrink your appetite, but that's not without consequence.