A Few Things To Note Before Dating An Entrepreneur

If you have fallen in love with an entrepreneur, that’s perfectly understandable. Entrepreneurs are high-energy, intelligent, goal-oriented, and driven partners. These traits are attractive to be around. 

However, before you fall too deep in love and into the relationship, there are some personality traits that most entrepreneurs all have in common, and you should be aware of these.

Knowing these traits will help you embrace your partner for who they are or end the relationship before it gets too hard to leave. You can tell your love interest early about your decision and save you both the heartaches.

He Might Always Come Home Late


You will have to get used to dining alone. In addition to being an early bird, the typical entrepreneur is usually a night owl, at least on weekdays. 

If his days are generally more than full, so are his evenings. The entrepreneur receives many invitations to networking evenings, which of course, he cannot miss. Work, work, work!

Sundays May Never Be An Off Day


Business is his religion. It is, therefore, by good practice that the entrepreneur devotes himself to his business, even on Sundays.

Of course, the activity is quieter, and they will give you time, but they will not forget to check their emails or even answer them to save time on Monday. Moreover, the entrepreneur often has insomnia and even answers you at night.

Always Starting New Projects


A need for personal fulfillment constantly drives them. Your partner will always explain to you that at the top is the need for self-fulfillment. To be fulfilled, their business alone is not going to be enough for them. 

They need to be helpful to others and to multiply personal experiences from becoming vegan, trying meditation, eating only one type of food like Steve Jobs, and more.

Your Partner Will Get Bored Quickly


By definition, the entrepreneur likes to undertake, whether on a professional or personal level. When he works, he usually doesn’t feel bored. And when he gives himself free time, he needs to stay in this dynamic. 

Make an exhibition, try the latest tapas bar, go for a weekend on a whim, one goal: to fill their days. But be careful; it will take imagination to give meaning to your relationship because the entrepreneur gets tired quickly, very quickly.

He Will Tag You To Entrepreneurial Posts

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels

His life revolves around business. He knows Steve Jobs’ biography by heart, reveres Elon Musk’s bold success, and dreams of swapping his passport for the green card. Starting from there, it is not surprising that his Facebook news feed contains more business articles than vacation photos of his friends. 

And he loves to share with you the most inspiring quotes from great bosses or articles recounting a moment he has already lived. You will have to get used to it.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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