A Glimpse At Kim Kardashian's Best Makeup Looks Over The Years

Jun 12, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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Kim Kardashian has one of the most notable makeup aesthetics globally. In 2010, the star popularized the heavily contoured makeup look that spurred the birth of several contouring products. Even though the reality star turned entrepreneur no longer uses the look as often, she is responsible for putting the look on the map to the mainstream consumer.


The Kim we know now is associated with her signature smoky eye look and sculpted complexion. However, it hasn't always been this way. It is but one of the star's most iconic looks.

Tapping into her legendary partnership with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Kim has graced red carpets, premieres, and glamorous events with some of the best makeup aesthetics we've seen. So let's dive into Kim's incredible makeup looks over the years.

The 90s Brown


In her earlier years, Kim wore the popular look at the time. Some of the pictures the star shared featured the bold brows, brownish-red lip à la Drew Barrymore. Toward the tail end of the 90s is when Kim really comes into the thin brow and lip liner stage of her makeup journey.

The Signature Contouring of The Mid 2000s


There were some definitely awkward years in the early 2000s when Kim was all heavy tanner and heavier makeup, however by 2012; it was clear the star found her go-to look we now know so well - cream contour, a pale lip, and a sultry smokey eye all tied in with voluminous falsies.

The Very Berry


During her pregnancies, we really start to see Kim stray from her then signature contoured look. Instead of the nude lips in came bold lips without her iconic smokey eyes, especially on red carpets.

The perfect example of this was her 2013 Met Gala look, where Kim opted for a berry-lip look with glowing fresh skin that was incredibly feminine and beautiful. In 2015, we saw the look make a resurgence with a rich plum lip color around some of the same aesthetics as her 2013 look.

That 2018 Met Gala Look


Kim is no stranger to the Met Gala, but her 2018 appearance was an intense throwback to 90s glam that blew us out of the water. Mario Dedivanovic took the era's nude lip and super smokey eyes and dialed it up 100%.

That 2019 Met Gala Look

While Kim's iconic dress is one of the Met Gala's most fascinating looks, the star's glam perfectly matched the fresh out-of-water concept. Mario Dedivanovic crafted a wet look around Kim's base with a luminous base and glossy highlight.

The Makeup No Makeup Look

While Kim looks fantastic with or without makeup, her 2016 look at Paris Fashion Week saw the star turn heads with an unexpected makeup no-makeup look. Your skin is the focus to nail this look, so stick with a skincare routine that does not skip the moisturizer and top the look off with a natural finish foundation.

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