A Glimpse At Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cheat

Based on their current relationships, some zodiac signs are most likely to cheat than others. Let’s find out. 

Can we truly know if a person is more prone to be noncommittal based on their zodiac sign? Apparently, according to a recent survey, yes. 

But before we dive into their personality traits and behaviors in a relationship, I’d like to state this isn’t set in stone. These are just traits and cues. Before making any conclusion, we recommend you have a holistic overview of your relationship that goes well beyond astrology. That said, let’s see what the survey has to say. 


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Gemini represents the duality of the twins, and it comes as no surprise they’re on the list. This is a mutable air sign and prone to get excited and stimulated by external desires and might get easily bored in relationships.

Geminis aspire to variety, freedom, and flexibility in order to be happy. Because of that, they might not even consider a looser approach to loyalty.


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Aries are extremely moved by sexual energy, and similar to Gemini, they tend to get easily bored. This is one sign that falls in love easily but may fall out as quickly. If their partner no longer seems new exciting, they may be tempted to explore other opportunities.

They run at a fast pace, so they might lose interest in any other zodiac sign who can’t keep up with them. Aries is mainly ruled by desire, so they’re likely to cheat without thinking.


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Scorpio might cheat because of an unhealed emotional wound or disconnection with their partner. And since keeping a secret is their thing, they’re likely to hide it. Some of them may even enjoy the risk of hiding a forbidden romance.

They’re highly secretive and reserved, so they’re the most skilled on it when it comes to hiding an affair. Sex is an important aspect of a relationship to them, so they might look elsewhere if they aren’t happy with their current sex life.


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Libra is highly romantic and relationship-focused. Balance is essential for them — as scales symbolize them — and if they’re cheating, it’s because they’re looking to fulfill or satisfy what’s lacking in their current relationship. In a nutshell, as long as you keep your Libra partner fulfilled, they’ll stay faithful to you.


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Pisces, like Gemini and Libra, is another sign of duality. They get attracted by polarities, so they tend to be magnetized by what’s lacking in their relationship.

Since they are prone to fantasize and be delusional, they might create unrealistic expectations for their love life. So, Pisces may be tempted to see what a new love affair can provide them.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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