A Glimpse, Into How Anxiety Affects One’s Sex Drive

Has your libido just vanished? If your libido has been healthy and you’ve been able to get yourself over the finish line enough times, but you’re suddenly struggling to get yourself in the mood, it could be due to stress!

Stress affects our bodies in different ways; we notice the slight changes in our bodies, and our minds start running wild with possible reasons.  As if it doesn’t hold us back in the many departments, it also affects your sex drive.

Whether the stress comes and goes, or it’s just here to stay, it gets in the way! If you’ve been going through some trying times and you’ve just not been in the mood, anxiety could be to blame!

It can be painful if you push through.


Pushing through seems like an easy fix when you want to be in the mood, but your body won’t cooperate. But that can actually make sex painful, especially for women!

“the fight-or-flight response can make all your muscles tense,” Lynda Martin

If sex is going to be anything but pleasurable, it’s bound to put you off it for a while! And the effects of anxiety on your sex drive aren’t temporary; it can affect you in the future!

Knocks your confidence

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We’re all conscious of how we look, which makes taking your clothes off in front of someone else nerve-racking. Anxiety further drives your confidence into the ground making you feel worried about every flaw and even your performance!

It’s okay not to have sex if you’re not in the mood. And if you are, don’t be ashamed to use a little help to get you there. It can be fun!

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“Being stuck in a cycle of criticism, or physically trying to avoid pain, is certainly going to prevent you from craving more sex,” Lynda Martin.

It can make you less than eager to have sex, and that’s completely normal and okay! Some days it’s not worth the added stress. Take a break and do something that helps take your mind off the worry!

It makes it difficult to orgasm.


The anxiety symptoms can lead to difficulty getting lubricated, and tense muscles can make it difficult for penetration a condition known as vaginismus. If your mind isn’t already riddled with worry of other things, this can drive your anxiety up!

Studies show that anxiety can affect your body’s reaction to sexual arousal, and in theory, anxiety will distract you from processing sexual stimuli. It also shows that even though you sometimes don’t have problems with lubrication, sex can still be uncomfortable.

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 “You could try a technique called circular breathing, where one partner exhales while the other inhales,” Erica Zellner.

When it comes to sex, you and your partner need to communicate well; if you’re feeling too anxious, they can work on techniques to get you aroused. And don’t forget always to find ways to relieve the tension, so you don’t have trouble in the bedroom!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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