A Glimpse Into How Soft Blocking Can Improve Your Social Media Experience

Social media can be an uncomfortable space to be in because it can affect your mental health. People are more willing to spread mean comments, and harmful views online, making the space unpleasant. 

Many people have a love-hate relationship with social media, and many people have that in common. Plenty of people can’t live without social media, so finding ways to navigate it is easier than letting go. 

The one thing that makes social media unpleasant is your feed and the people you follow. Blocking these people could be a great but awkward solution, which is why we’ve explained the benefits of soft blocking below. 

What Is Soft Blocking?

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Unfollowing or blocking someone on social media is pretty simple. With just one click, you can hinder some people from seeing your activity and you theirs for as long as you keep them blocked and unfollowed. 

Unfortunately, blocking and unfollowing people can be awkward, especially if you may bump into them again. This is where soft blocking comes in handy as it protects your feed and yourself from confrontations. 

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On Twitter, you can block someone and immediately unblock them, so their account unfollows you. This soft blocking technique means that the person will still see your Twitter activity, but you won’t see theirs. 

Other forms of soft blocking include muting a Twitter or Instagram user, so you do not see their activity. This way, you are both still following each other, and nobody can tell that you have muted them. 

When You Should Soft Block Someone

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Soft blocking is best for a less aggressive approach to removing someone from your social media activity. Thus, many people moving on from recent breakups, whether friendly or romantic, turn to soft blocking. 

The action of soft blocking an ex can be vital for your healing process because digital space is also essential. Many people share their milestones and life’s details on social media, and constantly seeing it can be regressive. 

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Soft blocking is not only helpful when it comes to breakups, though. This action can also help you remove triggering topics and posts from your timeline without completely removing yourself from the person. 

For instance, if a friend of yours is going through a toxic positivity phase that triggers you, you can soft block them. You can also do this with family members who constantly tag you in not so funny posts. 

Knowing When To Block

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Soft blocking someone is excellent to keep the peace, but it’s essential to know when to remove them entirely. If you are being harassed, threatened, bullied, or severely affected by someone’s posts, why keep them around? 

Chrissy Teigen recently vowed to leave Twitter as it was becoming an unpleasant experience for her. Teigen was pushed away from the app because of bullying, which is something that no one should deal with. 

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Although Chrissy’s situation was on a much larger scale, instances like this must be dealt with by using a hard block. If lives are at stake or there is fear invoked, then reporting the user is highly vital. 

Social media is a space for everyone to share their opinions and experiences pleasantly. If anything isn’t working for you, take control and use the settings to make your online experiences more effortless than ever. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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