A Glimpse Into Non-Sexual Affairs That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Relationships and marriage are complicated aspects of society! Some apparent things could end a relationship, such as sexual betrayal or the fact that you and your partner have radically different values. Maybe one of you wants children, and the other is definitely against the idea.

Sexual affair is one of the most common affairs we talk about when it comes to relationships. And the betrayal is horrible, I agree. The trust that has been lost is probably lost forever. 

But cheating is just one of the many types of toxic behavior that is dangerous to the relationship. And sometimes, an affair may never involve having sex with the other party.

Effects Of Affairs On A Relationship

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It doesn’t matter whether it is the man or the woman who betrays, the resulting increase in the risk of breakdown is the same. Furthermore, no matter how satisfying the marriage is, how long the spouses have been married, and how much the person disapproves of divorce, the harmful effects of extramarital relations are the same.

Effects of affairs outside a relationship are stronger among very religious couples compared to the counterpart of non-believers. This is consistent with the high sense of profanation experienced by people with strong religious faith regarding the violation of such a vital moral principle.

Emotional Infidelity

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This occurs when one member of the couple is emotionally cheating on the other person. Emotional infidelity does not get physical or sexual. However, the party involved shares emotions and feelings with a third person. 

When we talk about infidelity, we almost always attribute it to sexual contact with a person outside the couple. Indeed, for many people, affective betrayal should not be considered infidelity. While for others, it becomes much more critical, painful and definitive than sexual relations outside the couple.

Financial Infidelity

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Sex has nothing to do with it, but trust does. This betrayal is based on hiding the expenses made by your partner. For some couples, this type of betrayal is worse than sexual infidelity. 

And when a couple decides to have a joint account and share the various expenses, it is not permissible to behave differently.

Cyber Affairs

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Very common nowadays, there is no doubt about it. Virtual or online relationships via chat or classic apps provide a whole universe to have one or more parallel relationships. 

It is not necessary to have physical contact or sexual intercourse. Wooing, exchanging photos, conversations, and interactions characterized by gallantry or even sexual tension represent infidelity.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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