A Guide On The Keys To Happiness

Man has always wondered about what happiness is and how it is possible to achieve it. Great authors have tried to define happiness. However, given the complexity and abstractness of the concept, it is not so simple.

In any case, each of us would like to find the key to how to be happy, not just for a moment or a few hours, but daily. In short, can happiness become a constant in our life?

While for some people this is impossible, for others, it is not. Happiness should not be seen as a utopia but rather as a goal that is not so difficult to achieve. Sometimes, it’s the little things that truly make us happy.

Smile When You Feel Sad

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Everyone has had a moment or even a whole period of bad mood and sadness. It is normal: daily stress, worries of various kinds and different importance, or even a more or less severe episode can significantly compromise your mood.

However, both in these more complex situations and normalcy, always keep an open attitude towards happiness. Get away from those activities or people that make you unhappy, choosing instead to surround yourself with hobbies, friends, and family that always bring you a smile.

Seize The Moments!

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Sometimes happiness is also dictated by knowing how to accept new challenges and seizing the right opportunities. Therefore, it is not enough to repeat over and over what you want to do, but you should talk and try to achieve what you want to do.

Take Care Of Yourself

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To be happy, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the problems of others, forgetting about yourself. Give yourself time for yourself. Do something that makes you feel good and brings a genuine and sincere smile to your face. 

We tend to underestimate how these little things are a remedy for the body and soul, fundamental to achieve happiness. Remember: taking care of yourself is a right and not a selfish choice.

Value Friendships

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Friends are our greatest allies in facing the challenges of every day. Family support is not always enough: we need to interact with people “outside” the family; we need our friends. Friends are regarded as one of the best antidotes to unhappiness, both when they take care of you and vice versa.

The critical aspect of relationships and friendships is not quantity but quality. Finding people who support you in difficult moments and enjoying their total trust is a precious gift.

Remember That Money Cannot Buy Happiness

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For sure, you will have to object. If your income is below the poverty line, it’s hard to be happy. However, it is wrong to think that the level of wealth is directly proportional to the degree of happiness. Just think of famous people who took their own lives despite having money and popularity. Money allows us to buy things that give momentary happiness.

As soon as the shopping excitement wears off, happiness fades as well. Therefore, seeking happiness in possession of tangible things does nothing but distance us from the actual goal. It makes us stay in constant tension towards only temporary joy, furthermore involving a useless waste of energy.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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