10 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Happiness

Your happiness and wellbeing are vital. Being unhappy can make it challenging to find the motivation to do some of the general daily life tasks.

Life factors can weigh on us in numerous ways, and it can make going through the day feel like an uphill endeavor. But getting out of a schlump is possible.

There are four primary hormones in the body that help one feel happier. While they’re naturally produced in the body, there are things you can do to boost your happiness naturally. Here are ten activities to engage in to help you regain your zest for life.

Express Your Care For Someone

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Sharing your love and affection with people you are fond of can help you strengthen that bond while also possibly helping you boost your oxytocin levels, particularly if they respond positively, with kind words or a touch of affection.

Have Sex

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On the note of increasing oxytocin, or informally referred to as the love or cuddle hormone, can occur from having sex. It’s a bonus for you and your partner.


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If you feel like you lack a zest for life, it can be because you lack quality rest. Many people still report feeling tired even after sleeping, and this can affect your mood and, subsequently, your day.

Going Outside

Especially now that spring has sprung, being outside can provide a well-needed mood boost. If you’re working from home, try to take your breaks outside and away from your screen.

Recieve Or Give A Massage

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Research has shown that massage therapy increases dopamine levels by nearly 30%. In addition to boosting dopamine, it also helps reduce stress.

Socialize With Friends

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One of the benefits of having a healthy relationship with a friend is that it’s good for your mood. Being able to debrief about your day or just hang out, bonding over shared interests and activities, can help you feel good.

Get Your Body Moving

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Dance by yourself, hit the gym (including your home gym), try out some yoga, take a walk. Studies have shown a connection between one’s mood and exercise.


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According to “BrainMD,” consuming foods like almonds, avocados, beans, fish, eggs, and chicken may help the body create the “feel-good” hormone, dopamine.

Get Creative

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Art and craft projects can make you feel good about yourself. Imagine the pride of completing a knitted scarf or tie-dying a shirt (and it turns out looking fantastic.)

Act Of Service

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Doing a nice thing for someone can help you, and make the other person feel better. Buy or make a thoughtful gift for a sick friend to let them know they’re on your mind.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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