A Guide To Celebrating Your Mum On Mother’s Day After She Has Passed

Grief is a complicated thing. Losing anyone is hard enough, but losing the person who gave you life, cared for you, and walked every step with you is even more challenging. With spring comes Mother’s Day, and that does not make losing a mother any easier.

Despite many people insisting that it gets easier, Mother’s Day ads make it more difficult. Every ad, every gesture is like a trigger that pokes at your wound, whether the wound is fresh or scabbed over from years ago.

However, there are healthy ways to cope other than completely blocking out Mother’s Day. Celebrating the day will help you heal, but most importantly, the acknowledgment of your Mother will bring her closer to you. The guide below may apply to you or maybe only some aspects. Whatever you decide, here are a few ideas on how to spend Mother’s Day after your Mother has passed.

Keep Special Traditions.

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Use this Mother’s day to indulge in some of your favorite memories shared with your Mother. The sentimentality will keep her legacy alive, so think back to what you both enjoyed doing together.

If you have your own children, you can rope them in too and continue the tradition. However, it is perfectly okay if you do not. For instance, if the convention was taking your mom out for coffee, how about you visit her favorite coffee shop and having the very same drink in her honor?

Visit Her Grave

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Cemeteries are often quiet and serene. Therefore, if you feel disconnected from your Mother, take a few hours out of your day to visit her. It’s the best place to talk to your Mother and reflect on her memories.

If the site is close by, then go ahead and pay your respects and reflect by her side. Doing so will make you feel more connected to your Mother. Moreover, you will experience peace.

Celebrate with Family

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Celebrating with family, especially during the mourning period, is a beautiful event. The memories shared about the ones you have lost will make them even more special. Reach out to family and hold a small event to remember your Mother.

You will find yourself immersed in the companionship and the joy of those relationships. Furthermore, this comforting event has the potential to be a new cherished family tradition.

Commit an Act of Kindness

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Mother’s Day can be a fantastic time to pay it forward. Therefore, why no]t do something kind for someone else. You do not have to look far. Reach out to a neighbor who is sick and leave them some yummy baked goods. On the other hand, you can pay it forward at a coffee shop or pay someone’s parking meter.

Alternatively, you can take part in The Kindness Project. The Kindness Project is a national organization supporting families who’ve lost their children. They invite people to do an act of kindness for a stranger in memory of a loved one. 

Start a Remembrance Chain

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A remembrance chain will allow you to have a new keepsake that will feed you memories of your Mother with unique stories from those who knew her. To begin one, make use of a blank notebook and send it to those closest to her.

Ask them to write a funny story or an anecdote about her. After recording their memory and signing it, they will mail the book to the next person on your list, so on and so forth. On every Mother’s day, you can read a new story about your Mother, which will give you a deeper look at your Mother. 

Pick Out A Card For Her

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While the Mother’s Day ads cards could be triggering, you can still participate in the day. If your tradition was to buy your Mother a card, you should absolutely do so. It is such a great way to remember her. You can take the card to her gravesite and place it there. You can even set it by her urn or in a box of keepsakes.

Cook Her Favorite Meals

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Food and memories go hand in hand. There might be a particular memory or taste you associate with your Mother. It might be some things she liked to eat or a childhood meal she always used to make. Therefore, why not spend this Mother’s Day recreating this special memory? For a more fulfilling experience, share this meal with friends or family.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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